CM Punk: Drew McIntyre Can’t Possibly Win A Very Personal Fight With The Pettiest Man In The WWE

CM Punk is ready for a very personal fight.

Since his return, CM Punk and Drew McIntyre have been at each other’s throats whether it’s verbal or physical attacks on the other. McIntyre prayed that he could injure Punk and did that at the Royal Rumble before Punk exacted his revenge at WrestleMania 40 to cost McIntyre his newly won World Heavyweight Championship.

During a Raw Exclusive, this is what the ‘Best in the World’ had to say about the personal battle that he’s dealt with the Scottish Psychopath.

“It ends with me breaking his face. This isn’t me being a nice guy anymore. This is about him taking time off my career. This is about him potentially ruining a WrestleMania moment for me, and me wanting to show him that he picked a very personal fight with the pettiest man on the roster that he can’t possibly win. I’ve fought big guys before. I’ve been beaten up. Psychologically, he cannot hurt me, and I’m gonna break his heart,” Punk said.

A match that is set to happen soon will be Damian Preist defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre after the two had a confrontation on the 5/13 edition of Monday Night Raw.

h/t from Fightful.

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