Billy Corgan Says The CW Was Never Angry Over Drug Related NWA Segment

The NWA is still going under Billy Corgan’s leadership. They have seen a controversy or two and the idea is out there that one of those still rubs The CW the wrong way.

During a recent interview with Fightful’s In The Weeds, NWA Owner Billy Corgan addressed the controversial “cocaine” segment that took place at NWA Samhain. In this segment, Father James Mitchell and his entourage were seen drinking and snorting white powder while the announce team awkwardly laughed, which sparked significant backlash and concern, particularly from The CW network.

Corgan shared his thoughts on The CW’s response to the segment and clarified the situation:

“After the ‘cocaine spot’ where Sinister Minister and his hot minions were snorting sugar off a table in Cleveland, that story took a life of its own. ‘NWA is going to lose its CW deal, they’ve lost their CW deal.’ About four days after the event, CW, I don’t want to say who, but certainly one of the top people at CW called me and said, ‘What is this all about?’ I said, ‘I don’t know. No one for your world has reached out to me.’ He said, ‘There is no problem over here. We’re reading all these articles and we don’t understand what the issue is.’ ‘So, to be official, there is no issue with what we did?’ ‘No, we think it’s funny.’ There was no issue. It was a completely invented story by either a troll inside the company, a leaker or something.”

Corgan also commented on the exaggerated reactions from the wrestling community regarding the segment:

“As I joked about at the time. A fake drug spot versus a cheese grater to somebody’s head. That’s okay in professional wrestling. I didn’t like all the pearl-clutching. The fake rumors that we had endangered our CW spot, that was certainly annoying because it was putting a perception out there that we had done something wrong when we had never done anything wrong as far as CW was concerned. If people took offense to the spot, that’s fine; that’s wrestling, but the pearl-clutching from the crowd, that I found really amusing.”

Despite the controversy, Corgan reassured fans and critics alike that there was no issue with The CW network, which found the segment humorous rather than problematic. NWA Powerrr continues to stream weekly on The CW TV App, maintaining its place in the network’s lineup.