Natalya’s WWE Contract Is Expiring VERY Soon

Natalya is a versatile talent whom WWE can rely on for various roles, whether as a heel, babyface, or mentor in NXT. She may also be a big free agent in a few weeks.

With many contracts set to expire this year, Natalya’s is reportedly among them. It has been reported that Natalya is still in negotiations with WWE, but no agreement has been reached yet. If Natalya decides not to renew her contract, it would be a notable loss, especially for NXT, where she has served as a valuable mentor to emerging talent.

During an appearance on Fightful’s “The Hump,” Sean Ross Sapp discussed Natalya’s contractual status with WWE, noting that she is on track to become a free agent soon. Sapp stated, “Nattie is still set to be a free agent in a couple of weeks.”

The future remains uncertain for Natalya. Under Endeavor’s leadership, WWE is handling contracts differently. If no new deal is signed, WWE may simply allow her contract to expire, freeing Natalya to pursue other opportunities in her career.