*EXCLUSIVE* Nia Jax Says You Can’t Think About Becky Lynch Becoming ‘The Man’ Without Thinking About Her Punch

Nia Jax and Becky Lynch will be forever intertwined.

Ahead of the 2018 ‘Survivor Series’ event, Nia Jax socked Becky Lynch right in the face, causing Lynch to break her nose. Many say the punch heard around the world led to Lynch becoming ‘The Man,’ something Nia Jax thinks will keep she and Lynch married in the business for as long as they’re both in it.

Nia delved into the infamous punch when speaking exclusively with BodySlam’s Kyle Collison ahead of this past weekend’s ‘Royal Rumble’ premium live event.

“It was incredible because I feel as though, at that moment, at that Survivor Series, we were basically married in this business because you couldn’t think about Becky Lynch becoming ‘The Man’ and the punch without the person who punched her in the face. It was a story that had to come…I don’t think it’s at the end yet, but I think it needed to happen, we needed to have a face-to-face in our match and I’m glad that we’ve been doing it and can retell the story that happened five years ago and the fans are still invested.”

– Nia Jax on Revisiting Feud with Becky Lynch

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