*EXCLUSIVE* Chad Gable Details Differences on Teaming with Jason Jordan and Otis

Chad Gable loves both Jason Jordan and Otis like a brother.

Former Alpha Academy member, Jason Jordan was forced to retire from in-ring competition in 2018 due to a neck injury, which saw Chad Gable’s immediate future be in doubt. However, when Otis split with tag team partner Tucker, a new Alpha Academy would blossom.

When speaking exclusively with BodySlam’s Kyle Collison ahead of this past weekend’s ‘Royal Rumble’ premium live event, Gable detailed the differences in teaming up with Jason Jordan in comparison to Otis.

“With Jason [Jordan] it was interesting because he was struggling to find himself and find anything that would click with himself and with the audience. Then they put us together and we gelled like brothers, it was one of those things that just seemed like it was meant to be. We got along like brothers, on-screen, I think we came across as proud and then we just fell in love with the process and had the time of our lives.

Then with Otis, it was built in, we had been friends going back to 2010. We were amateur wrestlers together, we’d train together, and we knew each other. So, we knew if they gave us a chance to be on-screen together, how it would come across. He lives right up the coast from me and so that truly is like a brother relationship.”

– Chad Gable on Teaming with Jason Jordan and Otis

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