Bodyslam Exclusive: Cyrus Indicates He May Not Go Back To AJPW Without A Contract

Cyrus has been a familiar face to the fans of All Japan Pro-Wrestling since he made his debut for the company back in July 2022. He has competed in a number of tournaments for AJPW including Champion Carnival, Real World Tag League and Royal Road. His popularity amongst the fans in Japan has been steadily growing since he debuted for AJPW.

Cyrus has been wrestling for AJPW as a freelancer during the entire time he has been competing for the company and he would like to see that change. Cyrus took to X recently and indicated that he very much would like to sign a contract with AJPW. That post on X has received quite a bit of attention.

Cyrus joined’s Lewis Carlan for an exclusive interview as we discussed his desire to sign a contract with AJPW in addition to other topics.

Here is the exclusive interview with Cyrus:

Q: You stated on X that you want to sign a contract with AJPW. Do you believe you have earned a contract with AJPW?

Cyrus: I feel that by being a true competitor and building a fan base within All Japan that I deserve a contract.

Q: What is it about wrestling in Japan that draws you to it?

Cyrus: I absolutely love wrestling in Japan, that’s where I feel at home. Yes, America has great promotions as well as all over the world. But at the end of the day I feel that Japan is my home away from home. There’s a different feeling that I get when I am in Japan wrestling than anywhere else in the world.

Q: When will you be returning to AJPW? 

Cyrus: I’m not sure yet as no negotiations have begun. I am debating whether or not I will return to AJPW without a contract.

Q: How is your relationship with President Fukuda?

Cyrus: I feel that it must be going good with the amount of times that he has brought me in to wrestle for AJPW.

Q: What are your thoughts about all the current departures from AJPW?

Cyrus: In this business everything is always changing. With the All Japan departures I am saddened because I had built good relationships with them but at the end of the day business is business.

Q: What message do you have for President Fukuda?

Cyrus: I hope you see my determination in making fans happy and showing that I am worth a contract.

Q: Thank you Cyrus.

With all the recent departures from AJPW, Cyrus would be a terrific candidate to step right in and fill that void. He has made clear that he would like to sign a contract and the ball is now in All Japan Pro-Wrestling’s court.

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