WWE NXT Review: Tension Continues To Rise As Vengeance Day Approaches

Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida 

The show opened with a highlight package of Roxanne Perez winning a Women’s Battle Royal to challenge Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Title at Vengeance Day.

Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin def. Axiom & Nathan Frazer in the Semi-Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic  Baron Corbin came out wearing a wolflike hat. Bron Breakker removed the hat off Corbin’s head. Axiom and Frazer attacked Breakker and Corbin before the match began. Axiom and Nathan Frazer delivered stereo topes to Breakker and Corbin on the floor. Axiom and Frazer hit stereo Woo Dropkicks launching Breakker and Corbin into the barricade. The match officially got underway as Axiom connected with a missile dropkick to Corbin for two. Corbin stopped Frazer by nailing him with a big boot. Frazer nailed Breakker with an enzuigiri. Corbin caught Axiom and planted him with a Powerbomb onto the announcers table. This led to an NXT chant. Breakker caught Frazer coming off the ropes with a powerslam. Breakker planted Axiom with a popup cutter for two. Axiom got Frazer the hot tag. Frazer used Corbin’s momentum sending him to the floor. Frazer conencted with a flying crossbody onto Breakker and Corbin on the floor. Axiom and Frazer delivered stereo frog splashes to Corbin for two. Axiom and Frazer placed Breakker and Corbin in stereo submission hold. Breakker broke free planting Axiom with a Powerbomb onto Frazer. Corbin caught Frazer charging with an awesome Deep Six. Corbinc caught Axiom with a Death Valley Driver. Corbin planted Axiom with a Brainbuster for two. Breakker and Corbin delivered a stereo Popup Press Powerslam combination for two. The crowd chanted This Is Awesome. Axiom caught Breaker with an awesome Super Spanish Fly.  Frazer followed hitting Breakker with a Phoenix Splash but Corbin made the save. Axiom went for a Satellite DDT but Corbin countered into End of Days. Frazer rocked Corbin with a Superkick. Breakker rocked Frazer with an awesome spear for the win. (Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a really fun action packed match. I really liked the dynamic of Axiom and Frazer using their quickness to get the advantage early on. This turned into the classic speed vs power match with Breakker and Corbin taking over. Axiom and Frazer were so great as they make for such a fun team to watch. Breakker and Corbin have great chemistry as they found strong formula which makes their team click. Breakker and Corbin making the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic was the right choice. 

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov was speaking to a stagehand backstage. Josh Briggs appeared and told Dragunov that JBL told him he needs to find out who he is. Briggs called Dragunov the measuring stick of NXT. Briggs wanted to know where he measures up. Dragunov said he likes Briggs bravery. Dragunov wondered if that what Briggs want? Briggs told Dragunov to look him in the eyes. Briggs noted he sees no fear. Briggs wondered if he sees the same in Dragunov? Briggs claimed Dragunov offered Trick Williams a match at Vengeance Day to keep the title as long as possible. Trick Williams appeared holding Briggs and Dragunov apart. Briggs told Trick he can’t tell him what to do. Briggs said Trick would hop into Carmelo Hayes back pocket after Vengeance Day. Briggs said he wanted to talk to Dragunov. Trick said he’s next in line for the NXT Title. Trick said he’s the opportunity. Briggs accepted the challenge. Trick told Dragunov he wanted to make sure he’s there for Vengeance Day. Dragunov wondered if Trick will be there? Dragunov said he would be watching. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) — I was impressed with Briggs as he spoke with great confidence and just looks ready for that big chance at a single’s run. A good segment to set a Briggs and Trick match for the show. 

Wren Sinclair was inside the locker room trying to get herself ready for her single’s debut match against Lash Legend. Fallon Henley appeared asking Sincaid if everything’s fine? Sincaid said she was nervous for her first match. Sincaid said NXT was a pipe dream for her a few weeks ago. Henley told Sincaid to keep calm and mentioned she eliminated Legend from the battle royal. Henley told Sincaid to keep being her genuine self and everything will be alright. Henley told Sincaid she would do great in her match. Sincaid gave herself a high five. 

Ava was shown leaving Shawn Michael office. The crowd cheered as Willam Regal also left Michaels office. There were huge chants of Regal from the crowd. Ava spoke to Regal about having a productive meeting. Regal congratulated Ava for being the youngest GM in WWE. Ava told Regal it feels unreal. Regal told Ava to look after the brand for him. Regal spoke about being in NXT from the first day and NXT meaning the world to him. Regal said it was a tough job because you have ego’s to juggle and have to make tough decisions. Regal told Ava she can do it. Ava told Regal she has big shoes to fill. Ava said she could do the job. Regal told Ava her phone is on anytime she needs help. Ava and Regal shook hands. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) — This was awesome seeing William Regal back on WWE TV. Ava has been presented as the onscreen GM role for weeks now. Regal officially announcing Ava as the new GM of NXT worked perfectly. Ava has been doing a fine job. This works as they can now save both Shawn Michaels and Regal for special moments.

Lash Legend (w/Meta-Four) def. Wren Sinclair — Sinclair received a nice reaction from the crowd. Sinclair went for an arm drag but Legend blocked. Sinclair went for a sleeper hold. Legend broke free running Sinclair against the ropes. Legend took control rocking Sinclair with strikes. Legend applied a Torture Rack but Sinclair escaped. Sinclair moved as Legend charged into the ring post. Sinclair made a comeback rocking Legend with an enzuigiri. Sinclair went for a sunset flip. Jakara Jackson grabbed hold of Legend’s hand. Sinclair showed Legend into Jackson. Sinclair rolled up Legend for a two count. Legend made a comeback planting Sinclair with the Slam Dunk for the win. (Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a solid match. I haven’t seen much of Sinclair work on the independent scene but she looked good in the match. There’s something special about Sinclair as she has lots of potential to become a big star on NXT. Legend has a great look and knows how to present herself like a star. The good thing is Legend has improved inside the ring. This was a good showcase for Legend who looked strong in the win. 

Meta-Four tried to intimidate Sinclair after the match. Fallon Henley ran down to make the save. 

They aired a clip of OTM invading D’Angelo’s Family restaurant. Jaida Parker attacked Adrianna Rizzo. 

Electra Lopez was shown looking for Lola Vice backstage. 

Dijak vs. Joe Gacy brawled to a No Contest — Joe Gacy attacked Dijak before the match began. Dijak and Gacy brawled on the floor. Dijak launched Gacy over the barricad. WWE officials appeared to hold Dijak back. Gary delivered a flying forearm to Dijak from the barricade to the floor. Gacy went to use a chair but Dijak moved. Dijak delivered a Cyclone Boot sending Gacy crashing through a gimmicked staging wall. The camera panned on Gacy who was smiling. Dijak delivered a Chokeslam sending Gacy crashing thought the annoucners table. The crowd chanted Holy S*it. Dijak began smiling. The camera panned as Gacy was smiling standing behind Dijak. WWE officials finally held both Dijak and Gacy back. No Match. (Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a really fun brawl. Dijak was awesome here playing the powerhouse. Gacy was great wanting continuing to challenge Dijak to bring out his best. This should set up a likely stipulation match possibly for the Vengeance Day show. 

Arianna Grace was shown giving a motivational speech….to no one. Electra Lopez appeared wondered where she is? Grace said right here. Lopez said she was talking about Vice and left. Grace wasn’t pleased with Lopez interrupting her speech. 

Lexis King wanted to let us know the main event was coming on early. King told Trey Bearhill to be grateful for the spotlight he’s about to give him. King said he’s only worthy of centre stage. 

Mr. Stone brought Von Vagner to the University of Central Florida stadium over the weekend. They showed a photo of Wagner playing college football. Wagner asked how this would help him train for the Heritage Cup match. Mr. Stone said this would help Wagner with his speed, training and agility. Mr. Stone’s kids were there to help Wagner train as well. 

Lexis King def. Trey Bearhill — Bearhill and King began exchanging big strikes. Bearhill took control rocking King with a running splash. Bearhill rocked King with palm strikes. Bearhill called for a Chokeslam but King broke free. King battled back rocking Bearhill with a pair of Superkick. King followed nailing Bearhill with a sliding forearm. King connected with the Coronation for the win(Amin’s Thoughts) — This was good as they kept the match short. You can see Bearhill as a long way to go. Bearhill right now works the standard big man style which mostly focus on his striking. A good showcase for King who looked strong in the win. 

Carmelo Hayes approached Trick Williams in his locker room. Hayes said he was watching tape preparing for their Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic semi-finals match. Hayes wondered why Trick was taking care of Dragunov’s battle. Trick said he’s not fighting any battles. Hayes said Dragunov is playing Trick like in 2K games. Trick wanted to make sure Dragunov is ready for the Vengeance Day match. Hayes brought up Dragunov has been playing him since he attacked him. Hayes brought up Trick winning the Iron Survivor Challenge. Hayes mentioned Dragunov offered Trick the match at Vengeance Day knowing he would be in the Dusty Cup Finals. Hayes said Dragunov sees Trick as a threat. Hayes said Dragunov doesn’t want Trick to win the NXT Title and them to win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Trick appreciated the advice Hayes gave. Trick said he would be prepared for the match against LWO next week. Trick told Hayes to take care of Austin Theory on SmackDown. Trick said he would take care of Briggs. Trick wanted to do the match alone. Hayes agreed. 

Supernova 11 Sessions with Lola Vice 

Noam Dar and Ora Mensah are here for the Supernova 11 Sessions. Dar mocked Mr. Stone and Von Wagner for their training vignette. Dar said he gave Wagner the match because he knows he can’t beat him. Dar introduced Lola Vice to the Supernova Sessions. 

Dar asked Vice if it was planned that she eliminated Lopez from the battle royal? Vice gave Lopez credit for joining up with her as long as she could. Vice called Lopez a leech. Vice said she was tired of carrying Lopez around. Dar asked Vice if she has regret? Vice said she had no regret. Vice said she doesn’t regret the Women’s locker room being jealous of her star power. Vice said she won the Women’s Breakout Tournament on her own. 

Electra Lopez came out and heard enough of Vice talking. Lopez wondered who Vice actually was? Lopez said Vice would go on X and retweet any positive comments people said about her. Lopez mocked Vice for saying she worked harder than anyone to be in WWE. Lopez called Vice a B*tch which got a big reaction. Lopez spoke about working hard and getting the attention of Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma. 

Lopez said Vice got to WWE by shaking her ass on Instagram. Lopez called Vice a wannabe MMA Fighter who shadowboxes in her bikini. Lopez called Vice the biggest phoney in WWE. Lopez spoke about her match with Vice next week. Vice wondered if Lopez knows what she’s getting into? Lopez said she wants to burn Vice City to the ground right now. Lopez speared Vice over the couch. WWE officials appeared to hold Lopez away from Vice. 

(Amin’s Thoughts I’m not really sure if this segment actually worked the way they wanted it too. I was impressed with Lopez who came off as the bigger star. Lopez spoke with great confidence on the mic and her comeback lines were great. Vice’s explanation was basically every generic 101 wrestling promo after a heel turns on their friend. Vice has a great look and knows how to present herself like a star. Vice has all the potential to become a breakout star and future NXT Women’s Champion. This was a shaky start to begin Vice’s single’s run. 

They aired a clip from NXT Anonymous of Tony D’Angelo, Stacks and Adrianna Rizo sending a warming to OTM. 

Chase U 

Andrade Chase, Duke Hudson and the rest of Chase U are feeling down after everything is being repossessed. Riley Osborne tells Chase he really wanted to be part of Chase U. Chase apologized for letting everyone down. Duke Hudson gets upset after his MVP Trophy was gone. Chase throws a tirade as someone comes to repossess his podium. Hudson tries to calm Chase down. Chase told Duke next week they say their goodbyes. Chase told Hudson class dismissed. 

Dragon Lee def. Scrypts (w/OTM) — Dragon Lee received a strong reaction. Dragon Lee shined early hitting a Tope Con Hilo to the floor. Dragon Lee rocked Scrypts with a Slingshot Dropkick. NXT North American Champion Oba Femi was watching from a perch. Dragon Lee connected with a corner dropkick for two. Scrypts rolled to the floor. Dragon Lee showed his athleticism landing on the feet on the floor. Scrypts battled back knocking Dragon Lee to the floor. Scrypts connected with a great looking Tope Con Hilo to the floor. Scrypts followed with a High Fly Flow for two. Dragon Lee battled back catching Scrypts with a Swing DDT. Dragon Lee called for Destino. Lucien Price stood on the ring apron. Dragon Lee went for a German Suplex but Scrypts landed on his feet. Dragon Lee went for a Powerbomb but Scrypts escaped. Dragon Lee nailed Scrypts with a knee strikes. Scrypts responded catching Dragon Lee with a standing Spanish Fly. The music played as Tony D’Angelo, Stacks and Adriana Rizzo made their way ringside. Rizzo connected with a tope to on the floor. Scrypts was distracted with what’s going on. This led to Dragon Lee taking advantage hitting Destino for the win. (Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a fun action packed match. Dragon Lee is quickly becoming one of my favourite wrestlers as his matches are just so fun to watch. I was impressed with Scrypts as he looked great showing his high flying athletic ability. I’m usually not a fan of seeing outside interference which leads to a finish. D’Angelo Family getting involved worked playing off the earlier angle on the show. This should sets up a Six-Person Mixed Tag which they officially announced for the Vengeance Day show. Dragon Lee got the win to keep him strong for a NXT North American Title match. 

Oba Femi told Dragon Lee he made his decision. Femi said he will see Dragon Lee at Vengeance Day. 

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade were sitting on a couch looking disappointed in their loss in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Brinley Reece appeared to offer them a motivational speech. Reece wants them to come up with five things they liked and didn’t like about last week’s match so they can go over them next week. Reece gave Enofe a chop. Reece cartwheeled offscreen. Blade noted at this point they could try anything. 

NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria was backstage. Tayum Paxley appeared freaking Valkyria out. Paxley said teaming with Valkyria last week was the best moment of her life. Valkyria said they need to talk. Paxley apologized for not winning the Women’s Battle Royal last week. Valkyria caught Paxley special. Valkyria said Roxanne Perez is coming for her NXT Women’s Title. Valkyria said he doesn’t have time to respond to Paxley’s messages she’s sending her. Paxley said she understands Valkyria is focused on Roxanne. Valkyia thanked Paxley for understanding. Valkyria left. Paxley smiled and said “absolutely on the same page.” 

Blair Davenport def. Karmen Petrovic — Davenport received a strong heel reaction. Petrovic caught Davenport with a leg sweep. Petrovic applied a cradle for a near fall. Davenport quickly took control catching Petrovic with a flying double stomp. Davenport connected with a backbreaker for a two count. Petrovic responded rocking Davenport with combination kicks. Petrovic rocked Davenport with a running switch kick. Petrovic went for a Corkscrew Kick but Davenport moved. Davenport took back control rocking Petrovic with a Woo Dropkick. Davenport followed hitting a Falcon Arrow. Davenport nailed Petrovic with a Kamigoye Knee Strike for the win. (Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a fine match. Petrovic continues to get better with more matches. Petrovic’s striking ability really stands out. A nice showing from Davenport keeping her strong as she looked good in the win. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Ridge Holland backstage. Kincaid spoke about Holland’s win over Joe Coffey last week. Kincaid brought up how nobody came to help Holland after Gallus attacked him after the match. Holland said Coffee said he had no friends. Kincaid wondered why Holland didn’t ask for help? Holland said so he could prove Coffee right. Holland said he stepped away from The Brawling Brutes to stand alone and prove himself in NXT. Holland brought up Gallus stands in his way of redemption. Holland went to leave. Kincaid stopped Holland from leaving. Kincaid asked Holland was going to face Gallus alone? Holland said that’s exactly what he’s saying. 

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov came out to a great reaction. Dragunov joined commentary for the match between Trick Williams and Josh Briggs. 

Trick Williams def. Josh Briggs — Josh Briggs got a solid heel reaction. Trick Williams received a huge reaction from the crowd. Huge chants of “Whoop That Trick!” Booker T was jamming along on commentary. Briggs took control early nailing Trick with a running forearm smash. Briggs taunted Trick on commentary. Trick responded planting Briggs with a pair of scoop slams. Briggs battled back nailing Trick with a running boot. Briggs planted Trick with a Chokeslam for two. Dragunov stood up from commentary and motivated Trick to get back into the match. Briggs caught Trick with a side slam for a two count. Trick made a comeback rocking Briggs with a pair of side kicks. Trick planted Biggs with a flapjack. Trick called for a Cyclone Boot but Briggs moved. Briggs caught Trick with a release slam. Briggs followed hitting a standing splash for a two count. Briggs splashed Trick against the corner turnbuckle. Briggs and Trick both rolled to the floor. Dragunov again tried to motivate Trick on commentary. Trick moved as Briggs rocked Dragunov with a running boot. Trick nailed Briggs with a leg lariat. The crowd chanted “You F— Up” The censor was late but got bleeped. Trick went to climb the ropes. Dragunov stood on the ring apron. Carmelo Hayes appeared yanking Dragunov off the ring apron. Trick caught Briggs with a Victory Roll for the win. (Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a good match. It was good to see they had Briggs work mostly a 50-50 match with Trick. Briggs looked impressive here working an aggressive style. This was another good win and showing from Trick keeping his momentum going heading into the NXT Title match at Vengeance Day. 

The crowd booed as Briggs rocked Trick with a huge lariat after the match. Hayes looked on wondering what happening. Briggs left. WWE officials held Dragunov back. Hayes tired to explained something. Trick showed Hayes. Trick had his back turned selling Briggs lariat. Hayes expression changed as he seemed to tease attacking Trick. Hayes didn’t. Trick’s music played. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) — Briggs attacking Trick after the match was interesting as they are teasing a heel turn. This was a good as they seem to have plans for Briggs. The tease was great with Hayes looking conflicted after Trick showed him. I would guess the big turn is likely gonna happen at the Vengeance Day show. 

Thea Hail was backstage with Jacy Jayne. Hail spoke about Chase U giving her everything. Jayne told Hail to calm down as she’s working on something for Chase U. Lexis King appeared as he began hitting on Hail. King asked Hail what she needed to cheer her up. Riley Osborne appeared as he told King to backoff. Osborne told King that Hail and Jayne wanted nothing to do with him. King said Osborne went from a hero to zero. King left. Hail said Osborne is her hero. Osborne told Hail he’s sorry that she had to deal with King. Osborne asked Hail if they can have a chat later. Osborne left. Hail began freaking out. Jayne told Hail to keep it cool.   

They aired a No Quarter Catch Crew vignette. 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were walking backstage. Hayes told Trick that Dragunov was coming for him. Trick didn’t believe it. Hayes brought up how Dragunov messed with Baron Corbin. Hayes said Dragunov was messing with Trick as well. Hayes said Dragunov knows he can’t beat Trick and that’s why he’s doing this. Hayes told Trick to wake up. Hayes left. 

NXT Women’s Championship Contract Signing 

NXT GM Ava hosting the NXT Women’s Championship contract signing. Roxanne Perez received a solid reaction. NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria also received a solid reaction. Ava spoke about this match having some big expectations. Roxanne told Valkyria to get the respect stuff out of the way. Roxanne said they both respect each other. Roxanne said this is a Stand & Deliver main event match which is happening nine weeks early. Valkyria agreed. Valkyria she made her NXT debut the day Roxanne won her NXT Women’s Title. 

Roxanne said Valkyria had an incredible first year. Roxanne said Valkyria was the number one woman in the best division in all of WWE. Roxanne said everything seems familiar. Roxanne said she was in Valkyria’s spot one year ago. Roxanne spoke about everyone witnessing Valkyria’s rise. Roxanne’s tone change as she spoke about having to pick herself back up. Roxanne said she had to chase a championship she never lost in the first place. Roxanne said she was going to win the NXT Women’s Title. Roxanne said Valkyria will travel down the same road to get back to Roxanne’s title. 

Valkyria said she’s been keeping an eye on Roxanne. Valkyria spoke about how Roxanne changed from a girl that was happy to be in NXT to a now confident woman who’s not afraid to snap when her buttons are pushed. Valkyria said she’s not trying to push Roxanne’s buttons. Valkyria said she was just speaking the truth. Valkyria said she replaced Roxanne at the top of NXT Women’s division. Valkyria said she wants to see Roxanne bring her new edgy character to Vengeance Day. Valkyria said Roxanne is the last person she wants to prove herself too. 

Roxanne spoke about Valkyria being confident. Roxanne said she sounded exactly the same. Roxanne said she wanted to give Valkyria some advice. Roxanne said Valkyria was going to lose. Roxanne said then the questions will start beginning. Roxanne wondered if Valkyria was overrated and wondered if everything happened too soon. Roxanne said some days the fans will cheer for Valkyria. Roxanne said some days the crowd will boo Valkyria. Roxanne wondered if Valkyria can handle that?  

Valkyria stood up and said Roxanne was wrong. Valkyria said she’s always been mentally and physically tougher than Roxanne. Valkyria told Roxanne she will always stay behind her. Ava stood between Roxanne and Valkyria. Ava told Roxanne and Valkyria to sign the contract. They both signed. Roxanne and Valkyria had a stare down. Valkyria offered a handshake. Roxanne  accepted the handshake. Valkyria held the NXT Women’s Title and then left the ring. Tatum Paxley appeared from underneath the ring. Paxley delivered a spinebuster sending Roxanne crashing through the table. Paxley hugged Valkyria. Valkyria showed Paxley to the mat. Valkyria yelled at Paxley. Valkyria offered Roxanne help who refused. The show ended. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) — Roxanne and Valkyria are both babyface so it’s sometimes hard to build tension for a match.  I thought both Roxanne and Valkyria delivered strong promos. I liked how they started being respectful to each other but then started building tension heading into the NXT Women’s Title match. Roxanne and Valkyria should have a really good match at Vengeance Day. I actually liked the Paxley involvement as it now gives reason for Roxanne to show a more vicious side. I could see Paxley helping Valkyria win which leads to a Roxanne heel turn. That’s how you set up the rematch for the Stand & Deliver show. It was interesting they mentioned Stand & Deliver during the promo.


There were some good matches and strong angles on the show. This kinda felt like the go-home show with the angles shot on the show. Overall, this was a good episode of NXT. Vengeance Day is looking like a really strong show with one more week to go.