LA Knight Vs Logan Paul. US Title. Wrestlemania 40!?

We’re approaching 40 on many different things. The OG Ghostbusters movie, Purple Rain, that Bruce Springsteen song that everybody with a negative melanin level thinks they know what it means and of course, Wrestlemania 40 (Yes I know, the current United States champion still hasn’t defended the title yet but hear me out for a minute).

While there hasn’t been a match that isn’t more likely to happen at the show of shows, there is one match that is though. Logan Paul vs LA Knight for the United States championship aka the men with two Ls as the first letter of their names.

Unlike Knight, Paul took a lot of Ls before Summerslam and his title win over Rey Mysterio (nothing screams WWE booking more like losing a lot only to have a title opportunity aka the Nic Nemeth method for 13 years).

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why would LA Knight fight for a midcard title? He SHOULD face the WWE championship!” And to that, I say, Cody shouldn’t deal with not only The Rock but also his imitator. That’s too much for brotha Cody to deal with.

All things considered, it didn’t seem likely that LA Knight would win the coveted crown anyway considering that it didn’t seem smart to match up one of the most adored characters in Knight in a WWE title match setting when Cody has a story to wrap up with Roman for said WWE title (at least I hope that’s where WWE is heading towards).

This is why I believe having him face Logan Paul for the “apple pie, freedom, guns, speak American” title is the ideal story.

The main reason why I believe so is that Logan Paul is, no shocker, a prick and portrays it very well on WWE television.

Hence, fighting for the U.S. title with the most over babyface LA Knight and the hated heel Logan Paul not only makes for an exciting occasion especially going into their encounter at Wrestlemania, but it also strategically increases the importance of the so-called “midcard” championship.

This combination crafts the ideal outcome, weaving together the subtleties of the story to raise the title’s stature to unprecedented levels and hopefully lead to a win for the former Eli Drake.

Triple H once said in the 2023 Money In The Bank press conference after LA Knight battle royal win, “I know LA Knight was a massive favourite coming in tonight, continuing that ascent but great things come to those who wait, right? I think that that rise is just getting started”

And I believe that great thing could be this.

Look, all I’m saying is that I hope LA Knight will defeat him so badly, Paul will go back to doing crypto scamming.