AJPW New Year Giant Series 2024: Night 1 Results – 1/2/24

All Japan Pro Wrestling held Night 1 of their New Year Giant Series 2024 on Tuesday January 2nd, 2024 from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan and aired live on

AJPW New Year Giant Series 2024: Night 1 results – 1/2/24:

  • Koji Iwamoto, Naruki Doi & Takahiro Katori defeated Fuminori Abe, Rising HAYATO & Ryo Inoue – (7:05)
  • GAORA TV Championship Match: Black Menso-re defeats Minoru Tanaka (c) to become the new GAORA TV Champ – (9:28)
  • Kuroshio TOKYO Japan, Seigo Tachibana & Shotaro Ashino defeated Atsuki Aoyagi, Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi – (11:46)
  • Misa Matsui & Natsumi Sumikawa defeated Great Asako (Asako Mia) & Miku Aono – (10:10)
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr., Hokuto Omori, Jun Saito, Minoru Suzuki & Rei Saito vs. Mitsuya Nagai, Osamu Nishimura, Ren Ayabe, Ryuki Honda & Suwama resulted in a No Contest – (10:09)
  • Charlie Dempsey & Yuma Anzai defeated Hideki Suzuki & Katsuhiko Nakajima – (14:45)
  • AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Dan Tamura (c) defeated Hikaru Sato – (14:45)
  • Battle Royal: Ryo Inoue defeated Atsuki Aoyagi, Black Menso-re, Dan Tamura, Fuminori Abe, Hideki Suzuki, Hikaru Sato, Hokuto Omori, Jun Saito, Kento Miyahara, Koji Iwamoto, Naruki Doi, Rei Saito, Ren Ayabe, Rising HAYATO, Ryuki Honda, Seigo Tachibana, Suwama, Takahiro Katori, Yuma Anzai & Yuma Aoyagi – (10:12)

(h/t for the results.)

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