JCW BattleBowl 2023 Results – 12/31/23

Game Changer Wrestling and Jersey Championship Wrestling held their 2023 JCW Battlebowl on Sunday December 31st, 2023 from the Showboat in Atlantic City, New Jersey and streamed live on the GCW YouTube Channel.

You can watch the entire 2023 JCW Battlebowl below.

GCW/JCW BattleBowl 2023 results – 12/31/23:

  • Donnie Primetime & Jay Lyon defeated J Boujii & Tarzan Duran – (7:35)
  • Austin Luke & Mr. Danger defeated Bobby Flaco & Rico Gonzalez – (7:12)
  • Ellis Taylor & Griffin McCoy defeated Charlie Tiger & Jordan Oliver – (10:58)
  • 1 Called Manders & Bam Sullivan defeated Jordan Cruz & Sawyer Wreck – (8:23)
  • Isaiah Broner & Joshua Bishop defeated Big Vin & Joseline Navarro – (6:21)
  • Daiju Wakamatsu & Emersyn Jayne defeated Cole Radrick & Tara Zep – (8:45)
  • Brayden Toon & Broski Jimmy defeated Dylan McKay & Hunter Drake – (9:40)
  • Shane Mercer & Sleepy Ed defeated Beastman & Kurt Bale – (6:40)
  • Battlebowl Battle Royal: Griffin McCoy defeated 1 Called Manders, Austin Luke, Bam Sullivan, Brayden Toon, Broski Jimmy, Daiju Wakamatsu, Donnie Primetime, Ellis Taylor, Emersyn Jayne, Isaiah Broner, Jay Lyon, Joshua Bishop, Mr. Danger, Shane Mercer, and Sleepy Ed – (9:10)
    • Shane Mercer eliminated Donnie Primetime – (0:27)
    • 1 Called Manders eliminated Jay Lyon – (1:01)
    • Joshua Bishop eliminated Bam Sullivan – (1:13)
    • Griffin McCoy eliminated Emersyn Jayne – (1:56)
    • Shane Mercer eliminated Daiju Wakamatsu – (2:31)
    • Isaiah Broner eliminated Brayden Toon – (2:46)
    • Shane Mercer eliminated Isaiah Broner – (2:56)
    • Joshua Bishop eliminated Austin Luke – (3:05)
    • Shane Mercer eliminated Mr. Danger – (3:35)
    • Ciclope & Miedo Extremo eliminated Shane Mercer – (4:20)
    • Griffin McCoy eliminated Broski Jimmy – (4:59)
    • Joshua Bishop eliminated 1 Called Manders – (5:50)
    • Griffin McCoy eliminated Sleepy Ed – (6:49)
    • Joshua Bishop eliminated Ellis Taylor – (9:05)
    • Griffin McCoy eliminated Joshua Bishop

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