Details On Original Scenes Involving MJF That Were Cut From Upcoming Release Of “The Iron Claw”

The highly anticipated movie “The Iron Claw” is set to be released in theaters later this month, and stars current AEW World Champion MJF, who is also listed as an Executive Producer for the film. However, his role in the movie appears to be far less than what was originally planned.

The upcoming A24 studio release “The Iron Claw,” which focuses on the life and tragedies on pro wrestling’s Von Erich Family, AEW World Champion MJF was cast to play the role of Lance Von Erich, the kayfabe member of the Von Erich Family. While originally MJF was slated to have a slightly larger part of the film, recent screenings of the movie revealed that his scenes were almost completely cut from the film. Apparently, MJF only appears for a few brief seconds, and his lines were completely cut from the film. It has been said that MJF might go unnoticed altogether, unless you are actively looking for him to pop up during the film. Correspondent and Rapper, Mega Ran recently reviewed “The Iron Claw,” which you can read here.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson revealed more details about the original scenes that included MJF’s character Lance Von Erich. According to Johnson, the original script he read in 2022 for “The Iron Claw” had three scenes that involved MJF as Lance Von Erich.

The first scene, Lance was introduced by Fritz Von Erich as the newest kayfabe member of the Von Erich Family, which his son Kevin Von Erich was not happy with the idea of passing him off as a legitimate member of the family. But eventually Kevin does what his father wants. The second scene showed all of the Von Erich’s in the ring together, and focused on the team not being in sync, showing that it was just not working out for the group. The final scene showed Lance demanding more money from Fritz Von Erich, which led to him being fired.

The Lance Von Erich story arch was said to be a small subplot within the film, and that Lance’s character was only in a few short scenes of the film, according to the original script that was written long before MJF had even been cast for the role.

Last week it was announced that A24 signed a deal with Warner Brothers Discovery and their movies will stream exclusively on MAX following their theatrical release. Additionally, AEW announced that Kevin, Marshall, and Ross Von Erich will be appearing on this week’s Winter is Coming episode of Dynamite on TBS from Dallas, Texas. Their appearance comes just one week before The Iron Claw is set to release in theaters.

You can see the trailer for “The Iron Claw” which premieres in theaters on December 22nd, 2023 below.

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