Matt Hardy Guesses That “The Devil” Is Adam Cole

Matt Hardy believes that “The Devil” is Adam Cole.

Over the course of the last few weeks, AEW has been running a storyline where someone has stolen MJF’s devil mask, and is currently wreaking havoc on All Elite Wrestling along with several allies.

While MJF has denied that he is behind the mask once again, some stars like Roderick Strong do not believe him.

On the most recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy gave his thoughts o the storyline, remarking that while he doesn’t know for sure, he believes that “The Devil” is Adam Cole.

“[Adam Cole & MJF] bonded and their chemistry was so strong as they were doing that odd bedfellows tag team deal. They win the [ROH World Tag Team Championship] and they are best friends. They get through that World Title match, MJF retains. So, it’s really interesting. They have a very intriguing dichotomy,” Matt says. “Adam, I feel, makes the most sense in the big scheme of things. Could it be The Kingdom [under the masks]? Could be those guys tied into it? Possibly, like in a faction, you have the Undisputed Kingdom ERA or whatever supergroup, which I don’t know, that doesn’t necessarily seem like it would fit perfectly in because I feel like everybody in that group needs to have some sort of personal issue with Max, and they’re not as strongly bonded or tied with Max. I do think it would be, most likely, Adam Cole would be my guess. I’m just not sure who the guys are going to be. I’m really curious of the direction that AEW goes with this.”

Matt Hardy

MJF is currently set to face off with Jay White at AEW Full Gear, who was the first victim of The Devil and his crew.

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