IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review — November 9, 2023

-Deonna Purrazzo vs Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz wins after she nails Deonna with 2 Cutters and gains the pinfall.

Tasha comments after the match:

My thoughts: this match was a great way to open the show and really showed the true talent of Tasha and Deonna was great as usual. I honestly think this might be Deonna’s “Swann song” as she put over Tasha and might be on her way out of the company when her contract is up at the end of December.

The two exchanged words on social media, but there hasn’t been any finality.

Tasha actually challenged Deonna for a match at Hard To Kill. We’ll have to wait and see if Deonna accepts the challenge. For now, she’s playing around and pretending to “check her schedule”.

Backstage, Alex Shelley has comments for Jonathan Gresham ahead of their Main Event World Title match tonight.

Elsewhere, Chris Bey and Ace Austin are talking about their celeBEYtion after winning the IMPACT Tag Team Titles, and say they’ll be the very first TNA Wrestling Tag Team Champions of this generation. Santino Marella walks up and congratulated the pair, Ace says they’ll take on any challengers who want to step up.

Kenny King and Sheldon Jean walk up and King tells Santino he still wants his Digital Media Title rematch. Ace says this conversation has nothing to do with them, so King and Jean start talking shit about the Bullet Club. Bey says they don’t have titles, so who cares? Santino makes the Tag Title match for next week.

-Tommy Dreamer (c) vs Crazzy Steve

Dreamer retains after being disqualified. Crazzy Steve had his briefcase at ringside and went to it in the outside. Steve opened it up and pulled out a FORK.

Steve rolls into the ring and attempts to stab Dreamer with it, but Dreamer bites Steve’s arm causing him to drop the fork. Dreamer then turns around and bludgeons Steve with the fork in the head, causing the referee to signal for the bell. Dreamer then proceeds to stab Steve in the head with the fork anyway.

My thoughts: this was actually quite a bit better than I expected it to be. Tommy Dreamer had some good little videos that he posted to his own social media but I’m not sure if they aired or not, so I’ll show them here:

Backstage, Gia Miller is talking to Jonathan Gresham. He says he hasn’t had opportunities in the past, but he’s got it tonight and he’s going to take the title from Alex Shelley.

-Brian Myers vs Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry makes his way out and debuts a new song about Brian Myers called “Adam’s Bitch”

Brian Myers wins when he pokes Joe Hendry in the eyes and then hits the ROSTER CUT.

My thoughts: this match was decent, but for the life of me I Don’t know why Hendry took the loss here. I’m interested to see where he goes from here.

We get an amazing Will Ospreay video package, followed by Will Ospreay standing by to talk about his match against Josh Alexander next week.

-Eric Young vs Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha)

Eric Young wins after Alisha is up on the ring apron and tries to hit Young with the kendo stick, but Young ducks and she ends up hitting Eddie. Young nails Eddie with the piledriver and picks up the victory.

My thoughts: Really Good match from two stellar veterans. I love that after all this time of Alisha helping Eddie beat people by interfering that she was the one who cost Eddie the match. Very curious to see where these two go from here.

Backstage, Brian Myers runs into Moose who congratulated him on the victory. Myers says Moose should’ve been out there with him for the match. Moose says he didn’t need the help.

Heath walks up and says he wants a piece of Myers, but Moose steps up and says if he has a problem with Myers then he also has a problem with him. Heath says he’ll go to Santino and get the match made.

Elsewhere backstage, Gia Miller is standing by with Sonny Kiss. Sonny says she’s got her eyes on the Knockouts Title. Trinity walks up and says she’s glad to see Sonny here and and if she’s serious about that match Trinity can make it happen next week.

-Dirty Dango & Oleg Prudius vs Two Local Talent

Dango sits at the commentary table while Prudius cleans house and dominates the opposition. Oleg tags Dango in so he can hit the EXCLAMATION POINT and gain the pinfall.

My thoughts: I love seeing Oleg (formerly Kozlov in WWE) just dominate. He’s a beast and should confronts being portrayed as such.

Backstage, Jordynne Grace talks about making history when she won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory. She’s interrupted by Bully Ray who congratulates her. KiLynn King approached her and says she was also in the final four of the match and could’ve easily won. Bully tells KiLynn to back it down a notch. King says she trained under Bully and she should be the one to beat him. King says Bully taught them to never back down as Maclin walks up and calls Bully SOFT. Bully says Maclin is only standing there because he’s allowing it to happen.

We go to another part of the backstage area where Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz are distraught over losing the Tag Team Titles, then Trey says they’re not going to dwell on that and introduced another member of The Rascalz, Myron Reed, who reveals that he will be in action next week.

-Alex Shelley (c) vs Jonathan Gresham

Alex Shelley wins with the SHELLSHOCK

My thoughts: This was a masterpiece between two great wrestlers of our time. Jonathan Gresham is a great technician and doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves, he’s very underrated. Shelley is great and continues to show why he deserves to be the World Champion.

Here’s the full match:

Overall thoughts: Very solid show. A few misses with segments and a match I didn’t really care for, but as a whole it was good. I love that KiLynn King is starting to have a spotlight on her more then it has been, I really do think if Deonna leaves that she can be a great replacement and if Deonna stays she should be elevated anyway. I want to see more of Jonathan Gresham actually involved in a storyline, and I’ve enjoyed his kind of slow “heel turn/cheat to win” attitude. Mike Bailey was noticeably missing from the show – he’s another one who needs a storyline of some kind. We know these guys can put on great matches, but add more depth to some of the characters. I think the creative of the overall product has gotten significantly better since the departure of Jimmy Jacobs as head of creative.

Tune In next week for an amazing show that will be HEADLINED by Will Ospreay taking on Josh Alexander.

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