Jordan Oliver Talks Advice He & Nick Wayne Received From Alex Shelley: Slow Down And Control The Room

Jordan Oliver is a former Major League Wrestling talent, but he primarily enjoys the independent scene – especially when he can continue tagging with his friend and team partner – the youngest superstar signed to All Elite Wrestling, Nick Wayne.

Alex Shelley is the current IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, but he’s also a mentor to younger talent.

In a new interview with Fightful, Jordan Oliver said that Alex Shelley has helped him learn how to take his time amd find a rhythm inside of the ring.

“Something Alex Shelley has really implemented, for me and Nick Wayne both, is just controlling the room. We’re young wrestlers. A lot of times you’ll hear, ‘Slow down,’ I’ve heard that so many times in my earlier career. Slow down, think about it, whatever. But Alex Shelley has given us the confidence to take our time, find a rhythm. Me and Nick Wayne are stars. We’re young, but we’re stars and we can control the room. He really gave us this confidence, I believe.”

H/T Iridian Fierro, Skylar Russell, & William Thatch for Fightful.

Full interview:

Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne are regular talents in GCW – Game Changer Wrestling.

Back in July, Jordan Oliver says he would join AEW if he got to work with Nick Wayne.

Oliver and Wayne also teamed for the NJPW All Star Junior Festival USA earlier this August as part of the tournament. They took on NJPW talent El Desperado & DDT-Pro talent MAO, and while they fell short in the match, Desperado says that Wayne and Oliver should both compete in the NJPW Best of Super Jrs tournament.

Some fans think it would also be cool to see Jordan Oliver compete in an IMPACT Wrestling/TNA ring. Only time will tell if the 23 year old Oliver shows up there.

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