WWE Crown Jewel Results (11/4/23)

The WWE Crown Jewel PLE is currently taking place at the Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Join us below for live coverage and refresh often for updates.

*The Kickoff pre-show is hosted by Megan Morant, Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg. They go over the matches planned for today. Video is below.

*We go to Michael Cole and Wade Barrett at the Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyadh. Cole says the show is sold out, and has been since tickets went on sale. Sami Zayn comes out to a massive pop. JD McDonagh is out next to boos. Byron Saxton is doing the introductions.

*Sami Zayn defeated JD McDonagh. The finish saw McDonagh avoid a Blue Thunderbomb, then go on to hit a Spanish Fly for a 2 count. Zayn blocked a moonsault and hit the Exploder into the turnbuckles, then a Helluva Kick and a Blue Thunderbomb for the pin.

*The panel announces that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match will open the main show. A promo airs for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match and that wraps the Kickoff.

*Seth Rollins retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match over Drew McIntyre in the opener. For the finish, Rollins blocked a Claymore with a superkick and a Stomp for a 2 count. They continued until McIntyre hit a Claymore for 2. Rollins blocked a second Claymore with a superkick, then hit a Pedigree and a Stomp for pin. After the match, Damian Priest came to the ring with his Money In the Bank briefcase and a referee. The cash-in is about to begin but a hooded mystery man attacks Priest before the bell rings. The man is revealed to be Sami Zayn. He takes the briefcase and retreats through the crowd as Priest chases him.

*Drew McIntyre is shown walking backstage and he looks disappointed with the loss. Rhea Ripley approaches, smirks at McIntyre and walks away to the ring for the next match.

*Rhea Ripley retains the WWE Women’s World Championship in a Fatal 5 Way over Nia Jax, Raquel Rodriguez, Zoey Stark, and Shayna Baszler. Towards the end, Stark hit a big double jump crossbody out onto Ripley, Baszler and Rodriguez, but limped back to the ring. Stark then hit a springboard dropkick to Ripley and a Z360 but Jax broke the pin up. Jax nailed two headbutts and continued until Rodriguez attacked from behind and hit a Tejana Bomb. Jax kicked out at 2. The match continued with Baszler stopping a Riptide to Rodriguez, then locking in the Kirifuda Clutch to the champ. Rodriguez broke the submission up with a big boot to Baszler. Ripley thanked Rodriguez with a headbutt, then hit Baszler with a Riptide but Stark stopped the pin. Stark took Ripley up top but Ripley stunned her with a headbutt and went for a super Riptide, but while Rodriguez was covering Baszler for a pin. Ripley quickly hit the super Riptide on Stark to stop Rodriguez from pinning Baszler, then pinned Baszler herself to retain.

*Solo Sikoa defeated John Cena. They traded big moves including finishers & attempts throughout the match. Towards the end Sikoa escaped the Attitude Adjustment and hit an Uranage for 2. Cena blocked the Samoan Spike and took Sikoa down for the STF. Sikoa broke it up by getting to the ropes, then hit the Samoan Spike but Cena avoided the pin. Sikoa delivered two more Samoan Spikes, then stood over Cena while waiting for him to recover. Sikoa put Cena back down with a fourth Samoan Spike, then pummeled Cena’s throat with more spikes to get the pin. After the match, Sikoa left and Cena received a standing ovation.

*The Miz came out for a special edition of MizTV. He introduced his guest as one of Saudi Arabia’s own and the star of its biggest movie, which is “Sattar,” a family comedy. Miz then brought out Saudi actor/comedian Ibrahim Al-Hajjaj, who said a few babyface words for the crowd. Miz asked Al-Hajjaj if he wants to be a WWE Superstar like the wrestler he plays in the “Sattar” film, but Grayson Waller quickly interrupted, turning MizTV into The Grayson Waller Effect because this isn’t 2005 and the hottest talk show is his. Waller knocked Miz’s acting skills by saying MizTV finally has a real movie star in Al-Hajjaj. Waller said to give Al-Hajjaj the proper respect he deserves, you need a proper talk show. Miz angrily ranted while Al-Hajjaj tried to keep the peace. Al-Hajjaj then said he came to be on the hottest talk show and that is MizTV. Waller didn’t like this and went on to accuse Al-Hajjaj of disrespecting him. Waller ordered Al-Hajjaj out of the ring but he refused. Waller kicked Al-Hajjaj to boos from the crowd, but then Miz kicked Waller. Miz shoved Waller into a big boot from Al-Hajjaj, then laid Waller out with a Skull Crushing Finale. Al-Hajjaj finished Waller off with The People’s Elbow and then celebrated with Miz for the feel-good moment for the locals.

*Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to win the WWE United States Championship. For the finish, Paul retrieve a pair of brass knuckles from a friend. Mysterio knocked Paul into the ring post and the knux fell to the floor, but Paul’s friend went to pick them back up. Santos Escobar appeared, stood on the foreign object, and then took them away. Escobar placed the brass knuckles on the ring apron and then chased Paul’s lackey away, allowing Paul the chance to take advantage by grabbing the knux. Mysterio sent Paul to the ropes and hit 619, but when Mysterio went to finish him off, Paul jumped up and dropped Mysterio with the knux for the three count. After the match, Paul approached Mysterio in the corner and said he loves Mysterio, and also praised him as a legend. Paul also said he did what he had to do. Mysterio said he knows what he did. Paul responded, claiming he doesn’t know what Mysterio is talking about as this was fair & square.

*Jackie Redmond interviewed Bianca Belair backstage. She’s excited about getting payback and her championship back.

*IYO SKY retained the WWE Women’s Championship over Bianca Belair. The finish saw Bayley hit the apron to distract Belair as she was about to pin SKY. Belair fought Bayley on the floor until SKY tried to make the save for her Damage CTRL stablemate. However, Belair side-stepped and SKY crashed into Bayley. Belair then looked to nail Bayley with a KOD, but Kairi Sane made her return and pulled Bayley to safety. Sane then connected with a back-fist to Belair, and followed up with a knee strike from the barrier to send her into the ring post, while the referee was busy with SKY. Belair crawled back in to avoid the count-out, but SKY was waiting with a moonsault for the pin to retain. After the match, Sane and SKY double teamed Belair. A confused Bayley looked on as Michael Cole recalled how Bayley attacked Sane a few years ago and that led to her WWE exit.

*Cody Rhodes defeated Damian Priest. Priest attacked Rhodes before the match began but the referee held him back. The referee then started the match and Rhodes attacked. At one point Priest avoided CrossRhodes and hit a Reckoning to Rhodes on the table. They went on until Finn Balor made his way to the ring, distracting Rhodes. Balor tried to enter but the referee stopped him. JD McDonagh then tried to attack Rhodes but Rhodes punched him. Priest dropped Rhodes for 2. Balor called Dominik Mysterio out, and he brought a chair. Jey Uso ran out and superkicked Mysterio, McDonagh and Balor, then fought them towards the back. After counters and more going at it, Rhodes finished Priest with three CrossRhodes to get the pin.

*Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship over LA Knight. The trash talking began during formal introductions. Lots of good offense between the two in this one as well. At one point Knight jumped over a Spear and beat Reigns up in the corner. Reigns blocked a superplex and sent Knight to the mat with a headbutt but Knight jumped right back up and hit the superplex. Knight went for his signature elbow drop but Reigns kicked out at 2. Solo Sikoa then marched to the ring but he was stopped and surrounded by WWE officials with security. Jimmy Uso pulled Reigns to safety but Knight attacked Uso. Reigns saved Uso and went on to hit a Spear on Knight for 2. Reigns with more offense to set up the Guillotine but Knight fought out, then Reigns re-applied the hold. Knight rammed Reigns into the corner and hit a BFT for the pin but Uso put Reigns’ foot on the rope to break it up. Knight confronted Uso at ringside and repeatedly sent him into the announce table. Reigns came out but Knight hit him and also sent him into the table several times, then into the ring post and barrier. Knight dodged a superkick from Uso, then launched him onto the announce table. Knight turned around to Reigns sending him through the barrier with a Spear. Reigns brought it back into the ring and ended up finishing Knight with a Spear for the pin.