Cody Rhodes Has To Finish. The. Story.

“I have to finish the story.” A sentence so relatable to people with a backlog of great games in 2023, for college students that procrastinates on whether they should write the assignment or not, George R Martin himself. It’s also a sentence synonymous with the white ally himself, Cody Rhodes who is THE real revolutionary, by the way, Mr Seth “freaking” Rollins.

All lame jokes aside, Cody Rhodes is a performer that should be the blueprint of the word, “character development.” What do I mean by that? Well, Cody has worn a lot of hats throughout his wrestling career:

  • Debuting in 2007 by defending his Dad’s honour and failing because Randy was too good at beating up old people.
  • Teaming with “kind of maybe be I guess not really Hardcore” Holly and later betraying the guy only to team up with two failed sons, Ted Dibiase Jr and Manu but let a successful son become their leader in Randall Keith Orton.
  • Portrayed as a handsome boy with a catchy theme song and then portrayed as an ugly boy with a not so catchy theme song. At one point, he gave the audience paper bags to wear as if they’re Shia LeBeouf or something.
  • Became a handsome boy yet again and brought back the greatest IC title belt design.
  • Aligned himself with Damien Sandow and rocked the moustache which means he was one step away from wearing a ugly fedora and saying, “tip tip, m’lady”.
  • Teamed up with his brother in a fantastic feud with The Shield.
  • Became Stardust and basically did nothing and left WWE as a result.
  • Made multiple appearances in ROH, various independent shows, Impact Wrestling (now TNA once again *let’s go*) and NJPW who, according to Michael Cole, was the leader of Bullet Club. By that logic, Virgil was the leader of the NWO.
  • Oh and due to the creation of the biggest indie show at the time All In, he as well as The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and with a backing of a petty billionaire, Tony Khan led to the founding of AEW (ain’t covering his entire run because one, that’s an entire different article and two, that Cody promo. If you know, you know).
  • Left AEW. Came back to WWE last year and feuded with Seth Rollins, got injured, returned months later at the Royal Rumble, won the whole thing and a few months later, lost to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania for the WWE Undisputed Universal championship and is currently in limbo ever since.

Looking back at his career, it’s clear that he wants to accomplish one thing.

The one thing that his brother or his father couldn’t accomplish and that is win the WWE championship. We all know how it feels to be this close at getting somewhere to the big goal but losing in the end due to reasons outside of our control aka our “Solo Sikoa”. Let me further elaborate that statement.

Roman Reigns is like the final boss in a soulsborne game that wouldn’t be defeated and you uninstalled the game as a result but has the itch to redownload the game and beat the boss. It’s definitely an unusual analogy but it’s an analogy that makes sense to me considering that 2023 was the year I finally got into soulsborne games and beat Lies Of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Will Cody Rhodes “pick up the controller” and defeat the “nameless king” of professional wrestling at Wrestlemania next year?We don’t know but I can tell you this, it would be such a cool feeling if he did because he has to finish the f’ing story.