IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review — The Road To Bound For Glory Continues —October 5, 2023

-Tasha Steelz vs Killer Kelly (w/Masha Slamovich)

Deonna came down to ringside and pulled the referee out while Kelly has the Killer Klutch submission applied. This caused a distraction and allowed Tasha to roll Kelly up and then hit her with a BLACKOUT for the pin.

My thoughts: this was a decent match for Tasha’s first match back in an IMPACT ring in 6 months. A little slow start but picked up nicely after a few minutes. Loved the ending, and can’t wait to see the result of it as surely they’ll give Deonna and Tasha a shot at the straps at BFG now.

Backstage, we go to John Skyler who is and has been hustling around all week to find a tag team partner for his match later. He comes upon Gisele Shaw and her Shawtourage. Shaw says since Jai Vidal cost her the match last week (against Trinity), that he’ll be the one partnering with Skyler.

Elsewhere backstage, Gia Miller caught up with Jonathan Gresham and asked about his cheap victory last week. He says the referees shouldn’t have allowed it to happen, so it’s not his fault. Gresham gets confronted by Mike Bailey who says they should both be the best professional wrestlers around no matter what.

Tommy Dreamer makes his way out to the ring with the Digital Media Title in hand. He calls out Crazzy Steve.

Steve makes his way out with his Digital Media Title shot briefcase and compliments Steve and tries to reason with him and appeal to his humanity. Dreamer said if he wanted a title shot, all he had to do was ask. This whole time Steve seems to be apologetic in his facial expressions and motions. Steve huge Dreamer, and while they’re embracing, Steve stand Tommy in the back with a fork. The fork is lodged in. Steve says he’s not Dreamers friend.

Dreamer writhes in pain in the ring. Steve says “the Angel of Death came to Tommy’s room” repeatedly.

Backstage, Black Taurus approaches Santino Marella grunting. Santino makes a No DQ match for 2 weeks away – October 19th – between him and Crazzy Steve.

5 on 5 match – Call Your Shot Gauntlet Implications – the winning team battles next week for placement in the CYS gauntlet at Bound For Glory
-Jake Something, Eric Young, Champagne Singh, Dirty Dango, Jordynne Grace vs Brian Myers, Mahabali Shera, KiLynn King, Bully Ray, Jody Threat

Jake Something, Eric Young, Champagne Singh, Dirty Dango, Jordynne Grace pick up the victory when Jake Something hits Shera with INTO THE VOID for the pin.

My thoughts: there were some fun spots on this match, some actual intergender stuff – which I know isn’t for everybody. I don’t mind it as the women involved likely were asked if they were OK with it.

Gia Miller catches up with Josh Alexander backstage. She asks about taking a match this close to Bound For Glory and wonders if that was a smart move. Josh says it probably wasn’t, but he doesn’t back down from a challenge. Alex Shelley interrupts Josh and says that this is also how people get hurt unnecessarily. He said he’ll be out there on commentary because he wants to make sure Josh doesn’t get hurt during the match.

We get a GREAT Mickie James/Trinity video package for their Knockouts World Title match at Bound For Glory.

Following that video package, we get Trinity speaking to Trinity, who says she’s not surprised at all that Mickie wants her rematch for the title she never lost, but that she will be leaving with the Knockouts World Title still in hand.

Fans Revenge Match
-ABC vs John Skyler & Jai Vidal

Skyler makes his way out insulting the fans right off the bat, besides the fans at ringside.

Skyler ends up on the outside and gets whipped.

Chris Bey goes to the outside and is giving the “too sweet” sign to a bunch of fans, and doesn’t get whipped. Jai Vidal gets it’s this time.

ABC win after Skyler and Vidal both get whipped on the outside, Bey hits the ART OF FINESSE, and Ace hits THE FOLD for the pinfall.

My thoughts: this was a really fun match with the fans being able to be involved and use straps to whip Skyler and Jai Vidal – it seems Jason Hitch’s new baby came at the perfect time, otherwise he would’ve been involved.

-Moose (w/Brian Myers) vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Moose wins with a SPEAR.

My thoughts: good to see Gujjar on tv again, besides the Feast or Fired it’s been almost 2 months since he’s had an IMPACT tv match. I wish they’d find something for him to do this kept him on longer. It seemed like they were actually getting behind him last year when he was feuding with Brian Myers for the Digital Media Title, but then he kind of just disappeared. Even when they fight out his Diary episode, he was barely doing a thing. They even gave the guy near gear and a new theme music. Moose wins in an essential squash match for him.

Post-match, Maclin makes his way out and says the briefcase should be his. Maclin says he climbed up and pulled it down during the match. Moose says that’s not happening. Suddenly, the lights go out and PCO appears. Attacking everybody and clearing the ring. Maclin backs up the ramp and when he gets to the top gets hit with a GORE by Rhino.

Backstage, The Rascalz are spray painting the Tag Team Titles as Santino walks up and tells them that’s defacing company property. ABC walk up and say that they’re Bound For Glory and challenge them at the event. Sami Callihan and Rich Swann walk up and say that they have a claim at the Tag Titles as well, considering they beat the former champs, Subculture. Santino says ABC gets their match at Bound For Glory, that’s locked in, but their opponent will be determined next week as The Rascalz will put their titles on the line against Sami Callihan and Rich Swann.

We get an awesome video package hyping Chris Sabin versus Kenta at Bound For Glory.

IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley makes his way down to the ring for commentary.

-Josh Alexander vs Big Kon (w/Deaner)

The referee got accidentally knocked out. Josh and Kon both made their way outside the ring. Deaner grabbed a steel chair and went to his Alexander with it, but Shelley got up and grabbed the chair from Deaner. Alexander turned around to go after Deaner, but Deaner moved and Josh hit Shelley.

Josh Alexander wins with a C4 SPIKE.

After the match ended, Alex Shelley confronted Josh Alexander in the ring and the two exchanged words. Josh turned his back on Shelley to walk away, Shelley grabbed Josh and turned him around. Shelley nailed Josh with the SHELLSHOCK.

My thoughts: Kon looked better than usual, and the match went longer than I expected. It was a decent back and forth, and then got the victory with a C4 Spike.

Overall thoughts: another real good show. I feel like the Main Event brought the rest of it down a bit, but overall this week was good as the build to Bound for Glory is upon us.

2 New matches made for Bound For Glory.

ABC getting their Tag Team Title shot.

MK Ultra defend against Deonna Purrazzo & Tasha Steelz.


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