Tiffany Stratton Says She Proved She Can Hang With One Of The Greatest Of All Time

Tiffany Stratton says she proved something to fans with her match with Becky Lynch.

On last week’s edition of WWE NXT, Becky Lynch challenged Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship and dethroned NXT’s resident Barbie. She went on to defend the title on Monday Night RAW against Natalya earlier this week. This title win meant Becky has held every piece of women’s championship gold in WWE.

Speaking on the Ringer’s Masked Man Show, Stratton was asked about her changing travel schedule and working with Lynch.

“It’s been a crazy two weeks. I had the match with Becky on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, I was on the live events, and back to work on Tuesday for TV. I definitely feel like I’ve learned so much within the past two or three weeks. I feel I’ve grown as a wrestler, as a performer, at a very fast pace. Not just throughout the two years, but within the last months. I thank Becky for that. Just having that match with Becky, I feel like I proved to everybody and to myself that I can hang with one of the greatest of all time,” she said.

When asked if anything surprised her in the bout with Becky, Stratton replied, “The ratings things very much caught me off guard. In the match, I definitely feel like the crowd was so electric. They were there for everything. I really never experienced that in NXT. I’ve experienced that on the PLEs, but for it to be a Tuesday night and to have the crowd be that electric was so amazing. There was a moment in the match where we were both lying on the ground and they were chanting ‘NXT, NXT’ and I thought it was amazing. I got goosebumps. That part in the match was the most surprising part for me.”

Tiffany Stratton

We will have to wait and see how NXT will continue to draw in viewers but with the success of last week’s episode, we may see even higher ratings for WWE’s developmental brand in the coming weeks.

H/T to Fightful for transcription

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