IMPACT Wrestling Victory Road Results & Review — September 8th, 2023

—-Countdown To Victory Road—-

Alan Angels Open Challenge

-Alan Angels vs Guido answers the open challenge.

Angels wins after the feed cut out and we missed almost the whole match.

We go to PCO walking through the parking lot. Suddenly, PCO get struck by a car, sorry, a mini van. Bully Ray gets out of the drivers seat and yells at him.

-ABC vs The Most Professional Wrestling Gods (Moose & Brian Myers)

ABC picks up the victory when Chris Bey ducks a clothesline from Myers and rolls him up for the pin and Ace grabs Moose’s feet from the outside so he cant break up the pin. Bey rolls out of the ring quickly.


-Lio Rush (c) vs Kushida

Lio wins after low-blowing the referee and then going to the top rope and landing a FINAL HOUR to Kushida.

We get a clip from earlier in the night of Bully Ray hitting PCO with his mini van.

Backstage, the medial staff is tending to PCO and they say he needs to go to the hospital. PCO pops up and starts yelling for Bully as he walks away.

Knockouts Tag Team Titles
-MK Ultra (c) vs Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans (w/Jai Vidal)

MK Ultra retains when Masha hits Evans with the Snowplow and immediately covers her for the victory.

We get PCO running around backstage looking for Bully. Bully hits him with a chair numbers times from behind, poured gasoline on him, and while he’s on the ground before Bully can light him on fired, PCO spits it out in Bully’s face.

-Crazzy Steve vs Black Taurus

Steve wins with an Exclamation Point. He jumped off the top rope and hit Taurus with it on the way down.

We go backstage to Tommy Dreamer with Gia Miller before his possible career-ending match against Kenny King.

Career vs Title Match
-Tommy Dreamer Vs Kenny King

Tommy Dreamer wins the Digital media title when he saw an opportunity to win the match and took it.

Sheldon Jean was ejected from ringside, which gave Heath a chance to sneak in and hit the Wake Up Call to King. Dreamer hits a DDT to finish King off and pick up the victory.

-Deonna Purrazzo vs Jordynne Grace

Grace wins with a Juggernaut Driver.

Anything Goes Match
-Bully Ray vs PCO

Bully tried to get out of the match before it even started.

PCO wins when he throws Bully Ray through a table that was propped up in the corner of the ring and pins him.

We go backstage to see IMPACT President Scott D’Amore and an Eric Young speaking with Gia Miller about IMPACT1000. Both men talk about how they were there from the beginning of TNA and how cool it is that they’re still around for episode 1000. Young says he’ll be wrestling at the event.

-Rascalz (c) vs Motor City Machine Guns

The Rascalz win when Zachary Wentz blasts Sabin in the face with spray paint from a spot the referee can’t see and Miguel rolls Sabin up for the victory.

-Trinity (c) vs Alisha Edwards

Trinity wins with she hits Alisha with a Full Nelson Slam and gains the pinfall. Lots of shenanigans in this match, but Trinity victorious nonetheless.

We get a video package hyping Don West and Mike Tenay as 2023 Hall of Fame inductees.


-Josh Alexander vs Steve Maclin

Josh wins with a c4 Spike to Maclin and gains the pin.

Overall thoughts: great show thay delivered all around. I thought we could’ve done without Tommy Dreamer winning the Digital Media Title, but I’m somewhat interested in where they go with the story.

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