A Detailed Report On New Features, New Damage Model, New Engine And More In UFC 5

We now know a lot more details about UFC 5.

The game is highly anticipated, despite UFC 4’s moderate success in comparison to the 3 previous entries in the series.

The cover stars for the game are Valentina Shevchenko, Alexander Volkanovski an Israel Adesanya.

Fighful Select have now reported an incredible amount of information about the upcoming game, including the changes to the engine, damage model and submission system.

– EA UFC 5’s new engine has improved rendering quality, new presentation elements, and improved lighting. There is strand based hair as well. The player models are much more realistic.

– They have enhanced the damage system to include 8 regions for swelling, bruising and cuts, giving 64,000 combinations of facial damage.

– There are cinematic knockout replay options.

– There are new strike animations including new calf kicks, new ground and pound elbows, new spinning strikes, new heavy hitter and kickboxing animations.

– For career mode, there’s an onboarding experience that features Valentina Shevchenko. There are also online career modes.

– The rating was moved to M for Mature so they could add more realistic aspects of damage. It’s rendered in more detail. Blood pooling on the canvas and fighters played a factor as well. Compound fractures are not in UFC 5. They thought that would be gratuitous.

– There is a “Fight Week” option that opens before the start of the real world events. You can pick winners, method and round of victory. There will be leaderboards and awards for accuracy of picks. There will also be “alter egos” — alternate versions of fighters that can be unlocked by playing the Fight Week challenges

– They’ve added a transition based submission system and animations and yeeted the mini games into the sun.

– Most of the fighters you’d expect are in the game. Others that were seen include Fedor, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali as pre-orders

Fightful Select

The game is expected to release at the end of next month.

We will have to wait and see what kind of success the game will bring in once it does release.

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