The Rise Of MK Ultra In IMPACT Wrestling

MK Ultra are one of the hottest teams in all of professional wrestling, and their alignment is a pretty cool thing.

In the world of professional wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling has always been at the forefront of innovation and excitement. An alternative to the ones who have their on the industry. Recently, the promotion introduced a new tag team known as MK Ultra, consisting of two talented female competitors in the Knockouts Division. The rise of MK Ultra in IMPACT Wrestling, could focus on their journey to becoming the Knockouts Tag Team Champions and I doing so delve into their unique characteristics and captivating performances and the ‘impact’ they have on the division as a whole. Pun intended. Then and only then can we truly appreciate the significance of MK Ultra’s unexpected rise to prominence…

MK Ultra’s rise to prominence can be attributed to their unique and unconventional gimmick. An alluring and tantalizing fantasy to behold between two tough albeit intense Knockouts in IMPACT Wrestling.

There’s clearly a play on words as well as ideas if you consider the inspiration parallels that can be drawn from the infamous CIA mind control program of the same name. Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich embody an enigmatic and mysterious aura with manipulation, masculinity, femininity, and sexuality at the forefront. For obvious reasons this gimmick sets them apart from other tag teams, captivating the audience’s attention and leaving them intrigued with where they’ll go and how far. They leave the fans with more questions than answers and a lot of intrigue.

When taking a look Beyond their captivating gimmick, MK Ultra possesses extremely explosive in-ring abilities. Unpredictable and fierce. Masha and Kelly are skilled athletes, and they showcase this with a wide array of hard-hitting strikes and technical moves and more in their repertoire. Their seamless teamwork and chemistry in the ring make them a formidable force, capable of taking on any opponent. And that’s exactly what they did at Slammiversary and beyond…

MK Ultra’s rise to the top has been fueled by an engaging storyline that kept fans invested in their journey.
A journey that fed more questions than answers. So who knows how long the intrigue can be maintained as a significant shift in the paradigms of the Knockouts Division? Whether it’s their quest for the tag team championships, the maintenance of their gold standard, or their ongoing rivalry with other prominent teams, the storytelling surrounding MK Ultra has been compelling. Some might say emotionally charged. Either, in my opinion, is on par when it comes to a name the likes of MK Ultra. Its that unknown surrounding Masha and Kelly that has allowed the audience to connect with the team on a deeper level, further enhancing their popularity.

MK Ultra’s encounters with other talented tag teams have consistently delivered high-quality wrestling action, leaving fans with good vibes as it concerns the level of talent currently residing in women’s wrestling and more particularly in IMPACT’s Knockouts Division. The team’s ability to adapt to various wrestling styles and deliver captivating performances has solidified their reputation as one of the exciting tag teams in IMPACT Wrestling and they continue to excite as they shatter preconceived notions of superstardom. By showcasing their exceptional skills and captivating performances, Masha and Kelly as MK Ultra are proving what the right kind of gimmick, vision, opportunity, and motivation can do for up-and-coming stars and the division as they continue to grow i to their fullest potentials as your Knockouts Tag Team Champions in IMPACT Wrestling…

H/T Taeler Hendrix for Fightful.

These two women battled each other in a Dog Collar Match at the LIVE Against All Odds match on 6/9. Slamovich won the match by wrapping the chain around Kelly’s neck and nailed her with a SNOWPLOW for the victory. They two women have since gone from foe to friend and had a mutual respect and a common goal in mind.

During the 6/29 episode of IMPACT, Masha Slamovich defeated one half of the KiLynn King by kicking her in the head and nailing her with a Snowplow. Masha then attached herself to the other side of the chain and left with Kelly.

The week prior on the 6/22 episode of IMPACTonAXSTV, Killer Kelly defeated the other half of the Knockouts Tag Team champions, Taylor Wilde. KiLynn King was ringside for the match, and once it was over King came into the ring and both women beat down Kelly.

Masha Slamovich came out with a steel chain and made the save. Masha and Kelly cleared the ring, sending the Knockouts Tag Team champions reeling. Masha put the end of the chain around Kelly’s neck and walked away.

After one of them each defeating one of the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team champions, both women aligned as MK Ultra and became IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team champions at Slammiversary when they defeated The Coven.

On the 7/27 episode of IMPACTonAXSTV, Gisele Shaw defeated one half of the current IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team champions – Masha Slamovich – after the numbers game caught up with her and Kelly and outside interference caused distractions for Shaw to take advantage of.

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