The Renowned WWE Icon, The Undertaker, Will Present His Captivating “1 Deadman Show” In Louisville

The renowned WWE icon, The Undertaker, will present his captivating “1 Deadman Show” in Louisville

WWE fans in Louisville are in for a treat as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker, will be hosting his one-man show at The Kentucky Center-Bomhard Theatre on Thursday, August 24. The show, titled UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW, will feature the WWE Legend sharing never-before-heard stories from his Hall of Fame career and taking questions from the audience. Tickets are available online at

The show is a nationwide tour to visit St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh in the coming months. The tour follows the success of the previous shows that sold out venues in Nashville, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Antonio, and London since debuting last summer.

The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark Calaway, retired from the wrestling ring in 2020 after a 30-year career that saw him win seven world championships and 21 consecutive matches at WrestleMania. He is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and influential wrestlers in WWE history, known for his dark and mysterious persona, his signature moves such as the Tombstone Piledriver and the Chokeslam, and his epic rivalries with stars like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, and Kane.

What to expect from the show

The UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW is not your typical wrestling event. Getting up close and personal with The Undertaker in an intimate setting is a rare opportunity. The show is a mix of storytelling, comedy, and audience interaction that will reveal a different side of The Undertaker than what fans are used to seeing on TV.

The show will cover various topics from The Undertaker’s illustrious career, such as his debut at Survivor Series in 1990, his legendary matches at WrestleMania, his backstage stories with other wrestlers and celebrities, his injuries and challenges, his personal life and hobbies, and his thoughts on the current state of WWE.

The show will also feature a Q&A session where fans can ask The Undertaker anything. The Undertaker will answer honestly and candidly, whether it is about his favorite match, most memorable moment, biggest regret, plans, or opinion on a certain wrestler or storyline.

The show will last about two hours and include a short intermission. A limited number of VIP tickets are also available for each show, which includes premier seating and a meet-and-greet with The Undertaker.

Why you should watch the show

If one is a fan of WWE or The Undertaker, watching the UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW is a no-brainer. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see one of the greatest wrestlers of all time live on stage and hear him talk about his amazing journey in the wrestling business.

The show is not only entertaining but also informative and inspiring. One will learn more about The Undertaker’s career than they ever knew before. One will laugh at his funny anecdotes and jokes. His emotional stories and insights will move the audience. One will be amazed by his charisma and presence.

The show is also interactive and engaging. The audience can ask The Undertaker anything and hear him respond directly to them. The audience will feel like they are conversing with him rather than just watching him perform. One will be part of the show rather than just an observer. WWE fans who used to bet on Undertaker will enjoy the show as they will get to listen to unheard stories. Once it is available, fans can use Kentucky Betting Apps to bet on current players to get the adrenaline rush they used to get when they bet on the Undertaker.

The show is also exclusive and limited. There are only a few dates and venues for the tour, and there is no guarantee that The Undertaker will do another one. This may be one’s only chance to see him live on stage before he disappears into the shadows again.

How to get tickets

Tickets for the UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW are available online at They can also be bought at the box office of each venue or by phone at 800-745-3000.

Tickets range from $35 to $75, depending on the seat location. VIP tickets are $250 each, including premier seating and a meet-and-greet with The Undertaker.

Tickets are selling fast, so don’t wait too long to get one. One wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to see The Undertaker live on stage.

What people are saying about the show

The UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Here are some of the comments from people who have watched the show:

  • “The Undertaker was amazing. He was funny, honest, humble, and inspiring. He shared stories I had never heard before and answered questions I always wanted to ask. He made me laugh, cry and cheer. It was the best show I ever saw.” – John, Nashville.
  • “The Undertaker is a legend. He is the reason I became a wrestling fan. Seeing him live on stage was a dream come true. He was so charismatic and engaging. He had the audience in the palm of his hand. He was the ultimate storyteller. It was an unforgettable experience.” – Lisa, Philadelphia.
  • “The Undertaker is a master of his craft. He knows how to captivate and entertain an audience. He was hilarious, insightful, emotional, and captivating. He gave me a new perspective on his career and WWE. He was the perfect blend of humor and seriousness. It was a phenomenal show.” – Mike, Boston.

What to do before and after the show

If one plans to watch the UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW in Louisville, one can enjoy some of the city’s attractions and activities.

Before the show, one can visit some museums and landmarks in downtown Louisville, such as the Muhammad Ali Center, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the Kentucky Science Center, the Frazier History Museum, and the Louisville Waterfront Park.

They can also grab a bite to eat at some of the restaurants and cafes in the area, such as Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse & Raw Bar, Proof on Main, MilkWood, Garage Bar, and Toast on Market.

After the show, they can continue the fun at some bars and clubs in downtown Louisville, such as 4th Street Live!, Howl at the Moon, The Mercury Ballroom, The Hub Louisville, and The Troll Pub Under The Bridge.

One can also check out other events and shows in Louisville, such as concerts, comedy shows, theater performances, and sports games.


The UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW is a must-see for any WWE or The Undertaker fan. It is a unique and memorable show that will make one laugh, cry and cheer. It is a rare opportunity to see one of the greatest wrestlers of all time live on stage and hear him talk about his incredible career.

Don’t miss this chance to see The Undertaker live on stage in Louisville on Thursday, August 24, at The Kentucky Center-Bomhard Theatre. Get tickets online at or by phone at 800-745-3000.

The UNDERTAKER 1 deadMAN SHOW is more than just a show. It is an experience that one will never forget.