Kurt Angle Believes That If John Cena Had Joined TNA, Wrestling Would Have Changed Forever

John Cena defeats Baron Corbin during a WWE Live performance at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday, January 12, 2019. Kns Kanecheck 0114

Recently Kurt Angle discussed John Cena potentially joining TNA/IMPACT.

In 2006 the wrestling world was changed in major way. Kurt Angle left WWE and decided to sign with TNA. At the time Angle was considered to be the best wrestler in the world, he was also a top star in WWE. TNA certainly felt the impact of signing Angle, but what if he wasn’t the only one who jumped in 2006?

“John Cena, I believe, would have made just as much of an impact as I did in TNA. If we both would have came there, that would have changed the face of wrestling. I really believe that. I honestly believe, John Cena coming to TNA would have probably changed the face. He was such a big name that he’d have a huge impact, immediately, like I did. I don’t know if he would have more of an impact, maybe, maybe not. John Cena is really talented and what he’s done in WWE is unparalleled. Having him come to TNA, first of all, if WWE released him or if Cena’s contract expired, WWE has no right to say, ‘You’re not allowed to do that.’ If Cena wanted to go to TNA, he would have gone to TNA. The question is, would John Cena do that? John would have changed the game,” 

Kurt Angle on John Cena joining TNA

John Cena obviously never left WWE. He was originally singed in 2000.

Angle also discussed Brock Lesnar’s interest in joining TNA previously.

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