Until He Can No Longer, Sheamus Promises To Continue Brogue-Kicking People

Sheamus, 45, has no intention of hanging up his tights anytime soon. In a recent interview with “WWE’s The Bump,” Sheamus was asked how much excitement he gets from fans cheering him on every time he hits a brogue kick on another WWE superstar. Sheamus seemed to have broached the issue of retirement in response to the query.

“I am still as passionate about what I today as the first day I started. As long as I can keep brogue kicking people, for fun, I’ll keep just keep doing it until I’m not able to do it anymore.”

Sheamus Via WWE’s The Bump

Sheamus joked that he’d like to brogue kick people “even after” he leaves the wrestling business.

Sheamus defeated Austin Theory with a brogue kick this past Friday on “WWE SmackDown,” just a week after losing to Theory and Bobby Lashley in a first-round tournament battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus had Theory beat in the three-way match until Lashley tossed the Celtic Warrior out of the ring to pin Theory and take the victory. The chain of events irritated Sheamus, who appears determined to be a thorn in Theory’s side. Although a Sheamus vs. Theory match looks almost certain at some point in the future, Theory has his hands full in the interim, fighting off contenders like as Bronson Reed and Bobby Lashley.

h/t Wrestling INC

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