Talking About Media Rights Negotiations, Nick Khan Believes That WWE Has “Overdelivered On USA”

WWE’s media rights agreements with Fox and USA Network are set to expire in the near future. The company is currently looking for collaborations that can benefit the product in the future. WWE CEO Nick Khan stated earlier this week at JP Morgan’s TMT Conference that the promotion is a hot commodity, and they are looking for the best terms possible.

“We’re just out of the exclusive [negotiating] window with Fox, we’re still in the window with NBCU. Conversations with both have gone phenomenally well. What we’re trying to balance here is getting the maximum value for what we consider these media rights to be.”

Nick Khan on the future of WWE’s media rights

“We think our product has overdelivered on USA,” Khan went on to say that, despite facing severe competition from the NFL, the College Football National Championship, the College Basketball National Championship, and other prominent organizations, WWE programming continues to perform consistently. Furthermore, he believes that WWE has aided USA’s success in terms of fees for subscriptions.

The NBA’s rights-media strategy was referenced by the CEO of WWE as an example that the firm admires. Khan believes it’s beneficial for everyone that the NBA’s media rights are shared among a number of parties. During the press conference, Khan also hinted that “WWE Raw” would become more adult in the future.

h/t Wrestling INC

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