Tiffany Stratton Talks How She Decided On Her Moonsault Finish

Tiffany Stratton is one of the hottest professional wrestlers in WWE and appears poised to capitalize on that momentum by becoming the next NXT Women’s Champion.

Stratton’s finisher is a moonsault that capitalizes on her agility and background as a gymnast. However, that wasn’t always her idea for a finisher. She had other options, and she discussed them while speaking to Stick To Wrestling.

“My background is trampoline gymnastics. Using the ropes and bouncing up was a good way because I’ve always been able to…I have really good hand-eye coordination and my ring awareness is well. Bouncing on the ropes is super easy to me and I’ve seen so many people do the basic stunning at the top moonsault. Incorporating the bounce with the moonsault was a good way to bring my background into it and make it a little different,” she said.

When asked what other moves she would like to add to her arsenal, Stratton replied, “I thought about doing a springboard 450, I definitely want to add a full twist to my moonsault, or some sort of twist in my moonsault because that was one of my fortes, I could twist really well as a gymnasist. I tumble a lot, handspring back elbows, I do a lot of that. I definitely want to incorporate more top rope stuff. I like the swanton, I love that move.”

Tiffany Stratton

We will have to wait and see what comes next for Stratton, but she is certainly one of the favorites to capture the vacant NXT Women’s Championship.

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