Exclusive: Update On Colby Corino’s WWE Status

There have been a lot of unknowns regarding the future of many within WWE now that the company has sold to Endeavor for $9.3 billion.

One area of uncertainty lies with talents who had signed contracts with the company prior to, and during the finalizing of the sale. There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not there is a “hiring freeze” within WWE after the sale, and it appears as though that is such the case or at least that is what some people have been told.

In an exclusive Bodyslam report from back in January of this year, we reported that top independent wrestling talent Colby Corino had signed a WWE contract, and that he was expected to report to Orlando and the Performance Center sometime in March. However, since then a lot has changed within the company leaving his status up in the air.

I spoke to sources within WWE, and asked around about the status of Colby Corino, and was told that the current “hiring freeze” does indeed affect Corino. Initially, I was told that would not be the case. But now it seems that things have changed. Sources clarified to me that Colby had yet to officially sign a contract, instead he was offered a deal, to which both sides had agreed on. However, shortly thereafter WWE was sold to Endeavor, which was when everything stopped regarding the company’s hiring process.

We can now confirm that Colby Corino is once again a free agent.

It was announced earlier this week that Corino would be a guest on the next episode of “Wrestling Friends with Matt Koon.” This will be his first interview since his departure from the NWA at the beginning of the year.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else about the status of Colby Corino, or anything more about the “hiring freeze” within WWE following the recent sale to Endeavor.

(Please credit Cassidy Haynes and when using this news.)

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