MLW Underground Results (3/28/23)

Major League Wrestling aired the newest episode of MLW Underground on March 28. Matches were taped at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA. The show aired on REELZ.

You can read the full results from the show below.

  • Mister Saint Laurent comes to the ring and hypes up the “mega micro fight” between Real1 and Microman. During Microman’s entrance, a clip showed Mance Warner giving Microman a beer and a kendo stick. Warner christened him “extreme as hell.”
  • Real1 cuts a promo during his entrance and calls Microman an Ewok and a toilet-climber. He said Microman would be sent to the hospital after the bout, as it would be a stretcher job.
  • Microman def. Real1; during the match, Mance Warner comes to the ring and gives Microman a kendo stick. Microman pins Real1 after he goes head-first into a chair. Real1 gets stretched out.
  • MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone cuts a promo on The Calling (Raven, AKIRA, & Rickey Shane Page) addresses their attack. He says he’ll show then there’s evil in his hands, and attacking him was the stupidest thing they could have done. Hammerstone makes it clear that he wants to face The Calling in the War Chamber.
  • A video package hypes up the Opera Cup
  • Backstage, Davey Boy Smith Jr. hypes up his match with Alex Kane and vows to break him in two.
  • A promo from The Calling (Raven, AKIRA & Rickey Shane Page) highlights weapons like chains, nails, and sickles, as flashes of the group attacking Hammerstone play.
  • AKIRA def. Mike Law
  • Before the match, a table with weapons is brought to the ring, and AKIRA takes a sickle with him. Akira hits Law with the sickle during the match.
  • Lance Anoa’i, John Hennigan, Lince Dorado, Alex Kane, Calvin Tankman, and Rickey Shane Page are confirmed for the Battle Riot, which will air on REELZ on April 25.
  • In a promo, Alex Kane says 2023 is his year, he’s going to suplex everyone. Kane makes it clear that he’s targeting the world title.
  • Taya Valkyrie and John Hennigan are still looking for Cesar Duran. They ask for help in finding him and tell anyone with information to call 1-900-Lucha.
  • A video package highlights Lio Rush’s return to MLW.
  • Another video package hypes up One Called Manders; in a promo, he says he loves to fight, drink beer and chew tobacco. Manders states that he wants to add gold to his belt buckle collection.
  • Akira and Rickey Shane Page attack EJ Nduka backstage
  • Alex Kane (with Mr. Thomas) def. Davey Boy Smith Jr. (With The Billington Bulldogs)
    Myron Reed joins broadcast team. In the closing moments, Mr. Thomas distracts referee, Reed gives some bottle to Kane , who then squirts it in Davey’s eyes. Kane hits Mark of Kane for the win
  • Kane hyped up his win in an interview after the match and called the substance Bomaye Juice
  • In a promo, Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and 1 Called Manders) drink some beers. Alex Hammerstone shows up, and they talk about War Chamber. Manders, Justice, and Warner discuss what they bring to the table, and Hammerstone says they have the making it a team. Hammerstone says they’ll have to start practicing the victory pose.

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