Carmella Has Been “Sidelined” By WWE

Fans were surprised that Carmella was swapped out for Sonya Deville as Chelsea Green’s tag team partner. No mention was made of Carmella on television, as she was simply not seen, and Deville was moved into her role.

Fightful Select noted that, “Carmella hasn’t been on Raw lately, and was pulled from recent live events, but she will be around this week.” The report went on to explain that Carmella’s issue is unknown at the moment, but she is still slated to be around WrestleMania.

A WWE source had indicated to Fightful earlier this week that Carmella had been “sidelined,” but didn’t indicate why. When Fightful asked about unsubstantiated rumors that circulated about her having heat, they were dismissed as “ridiculous” by WWE sources.

As of Tuesday, Carmella was slated to be in Los Angeles all throughout WrestleMania week.  She’s currently slated for a Make A Wish event and a Be A Star Rally. We’ve since been told she, Lashley and IYO Sky were at a Dodgers/Angels game.

Fightful Select

It’s good to know that Carmella doesn’t have any heat on her. After all, that can drastically affect a Superstar’s spot on the card. We’ll have to see when she shows up again, and what role she will play.

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