Liv Morgan Looks Bored AF While Dude Probably Mansplains Basketball to Her

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and, if that’s the case, then a video must be worth ten thousand.

At least, the video of Liv Morgan at a Knicks game is.

The video in question was posted by the Knicks Nation Twitter page which is, like, one of the Knicks’ official pages. And that’s what makes the video so cringey.

Actually, what makes the video so cringey is the gentleman sitting next to Morgan, who is trying so desperately to speak to the woman even though she clearly gives no f*cks about what he is saying.

Honestly, we could say more but the video absolutely speaks for itself.

Naturally, it took the internet about three minutes before descending upon the poor sap.

Honestly, we kind of feel bad for the fellow, even though he absolutely looks like he wears socks when he’s having sex. Or wearing sandals.

Morgan was there to promote a Super Show that WWE will be having at Madison Square Garden, happening on March 12.

Morgan, presumably, did not think that her ambassador…ism….would lead to her sitting next to a guy who unironically listens to Huey Lewis and The News, but such is the life of a WWE Superstar.

Just let the girl watch the game, bro.

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