Tony Khan Wants An All Women Show For AEW

To build excitement for the highly-anticipated Revolution pay-per-view, AEW’s President, Tony Khan, held a media call and tackled the most talked-about topics in the wrestling industry. During the call, Khan shared his vision for an upcoming show titled All Elite Women, which the organization filed a trademark for in August 2022. With the wrestling company’s trademark in place, Khan discussed the potential show’s status and expressed his eagerness to see the program come to life.

Khan stated that he would be thrilled if the show were to be picked up, as it is an idea he had for a program and he believes it could be a valuable opportunity to utilize AEW’s impressive roster of female wrestlers. Khan sees All Elite Women as a means of developing more programming to showcase the talents of AEW’s female roster, and hopes that it will provide a platform to feature deserving talents who currently receive limited screen time.

“I would love to have that show be a show that gets picked up. It is an idea I had for a show and something I would love to do, All Elite Women, and that’s why I filed the trademark, I think it’s a good idea. We have a great women’s roster and I would love to utilize them as much as possible. Anytime we can develop more programming to feature our roster, it’s something that is a great opportunity for the company and the wrestlers.”

Tony Khan

While AEW already has Dynamite and Rampage airing on TBS and TNT respectively, with AEW All Access set to premiere later this month, All Elite Women would be a unique addition to the network’s programming lineup.

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