Dutch Mantell Says Kevin Owens Looks Like A Cab Driver

Kevin Owens does not have the most impressive physique in WWE, but that has never stopped him from competing at the highest level and winning many titles in the company. This complaint about his appearance is something he’s been dealing with throughout his entire career.

While speaking on his Story Time with Dutch Mantell podcast, Dutch Mantell talked about Kevin Owens’ physique and stated that he looks like a cab driver.

Owens has a lot of heat on him anyway because if you look at him, he doesn’t have the body, he doesn’t have the tan, he looks like a cab driver going to get in his cab. Great worker, but his external features or look doesn’t be fit the profession that he’s in.

I think they say he still blows up [gets tired in a match] (…) which in my worst shape, I got tired, but I don’t know, he’s probably doing 15 minutes every night so that should keep you in working shape but I don’t know. What can make you blow up too is nerves. If you get nervous that can hinder your breathing or just emotions I guess.”

Dutch Mantell on Story Time

Owens has made a career of proving people wrong in the ring and with his popularity continuously on show week after week, it appears Dutch’s opinion on Owens’ look is for the most part, irrelevant.

H/T to Ringside News

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