Cain Velasquez Given Standing Ovation At AAA Event

After serving eight months in jail on several charges, including attempted murder, the former UFC champion was just recently freed on bail.

It was claimed that Velasquez shot a man in February, and he was detained and charged with attempted first-degree murder. He attacked someone who had previously been jailed for allegedly sexually abusing Cain’s relative. Following his imprisonment, the combat sports world showed a lot of support for the former MMA champion.

At the most recent Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide event, Cain Velasquez was given permission to compete. He arrived to a standing ovation and a huge pop, as was to be expected. Even in a poignant promo, the former WWE star thanked his supporters for sticking by him during the most trying time in his life.

“Thank you. To be here tonight, guys, right now, is a dream come true. I truly appreciate it all, what you guys have already done, supported me and my family. Thank you, guys, forever. (fans applaud). My heart is happy to be here with you guys. I will always continue to fight forever. Keep going up forever. Thank you, guys.”

Cain Velasquez

In his first pro wrestling match after being released from prison, Cain was overwhelmed by his fan’s support. Time will tell if he will be found guilty or not in his legal battle.

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