Former WCW Announcer Criticizes Charlotte Flair’s Looks

Some people should just not talk.

Chris Cruise is a former WCW ring announcer, but these days, he’s just more of a nuisance. Usually, you’ll get the occasional dumb Facebook post from old timers and this is just another case of that. Chris took to his Facebook yesterday to post a link to a photo of Charlotte Flair back in the ring training. During the training session, Charlotte is not wearing makeup and Chris had the audacity to say “why post a picture looking like this? I don’t get it.”

Well, Chris, why must you criticize women for the way they look during a training session, or how they look in general? That’s what the world is wondering. It’s best just to not say anything if you have nothing nice to say and this is a prime example of that. Recently, a certain writer was under fire after criticizing women who wear makeup. So, wearing it or not, it seems women can’t escape the dumb criticism of men in the wrestling space. Leave women and their looks alone, thanks. 

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