Alex Hammerstone: I’m Still Very Much Trying To Figure Out Exactly What The Next Steps Forward Are

Alex Hammerstone has big aspirations in wrestling.

Alex Hammerstone is the current Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion and recently signed a deal with the company that will lock him down for years to come. But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about the future. While Speaking on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Hammerstone mentioned that he isn’t sure what’s next, but he’s looking to make history. He noted that he wouldn’t be satisfied if he didn’t capitalize on future opportunities.

If this is the peak of my career, and it’s because the ball was in my hands, and I didn’t run with it, or when the next opportunity came, I don’t capitalize, I won’t be okay with that. I there’s just there’s nothing like, you know, being cemented in the history books and although I’ve done things that are without a doubt going to be in the history books of wrestling, you know, I think I want to leave a bigger footprint left behind, I think there’s still some of those things like, you know, I’m not gonna lie, like, I think every wrestle fantasizes about, you know, wrestling on the WrestleMania stage, things like that. I don’t know exactly what is next for me, you know, and I’m being honest, like, I’m not trying to give you the politically correct answer. I’m not trying to make my boss happy,

– Alex Hammerstone via Wrestling Perspective Podcast

He continued by explaining no matter what’s next, he is not done.

I really don’t know. Because as a man, it’s hard to really soul search and realize, like, Well, would a couple of extra zeros make you happy? Or do you need to be, you know, making less money, but really doing the character you believe in? Or do you want to be having the matches? Or does it doesn’t need to be something International? I’ve really been doing a lot of soul-searching and trying to figure out what’s going to check all the boxes for me, because what we see way too often in this industry is guys who you ask them, ‘What would make you happy?’ They say, Oh, ‘I just want to provide for my family and then they get signed to a $100,000 contract or a $300,000 contract.’ Then, what are they doing? They’re on Twitter bitching and trying to they’re asking for the release because they’re not happy, and the last thing I want to do is end up miserable in this business because I follow what I think I’m supposed to do. So I’m still very much trying to figure out exactly what the next steps forward are. But I know if it ended all right now, I’m not done,

– Alex Hammerstone Wrestling Perspective Podcast

Hammerstone will continue his dominant championship reign in MLW.

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