Ace Austin Speaks On Gambit Comparisons

Is Ace Austin IMPACT’s Gambit?

Ace Austin is a member of the Bullet Club and a roster member for IMPACT Wrestling. He’s also one of IMPACT’s top stars in a company full of many different characters, and many fans started to compare his character to one of X-Men’s characters, Gambit. Both Ace and Gambit have a similar color scheme in their gear and also both carry a playing card. Recently, Ace Austin sat down for a interview with WrestleZone, where he was asked about the comparisons, saying that wasn’t the intention but he’s leaned into it.

That was accidental. I really wasn’t going for Gambit at first, but when I chose my color scheme and I put the whole presentation together… I started training when I was 17 and I had an idea. I got my first set of gear when I was still 17 and then I debuted when I was 18, that was the rule in Pennsylvania at the time. When I put this whole presentation together, that’s when fans started coming to me and saying ‘Oh I love the Gambit reference, I love the Gambit vibes.’ That’s kinda when I realized how on the nose it was, so I kinda leaned into it after that. When you’re first starting out, it’s good to find a niche to fit in. The comic books, superhero things have always been such a huge influence in my life. Superheros and Pro Wrestling had the biggest influence on my life growing up. It was a great way to merge the two and it really helped me get my feet off the ground and it helped me out with merchandising and it all worked.

– Ace Austin via WrestleZone

Ace Austin isn’t the first pro-wrestler to lean into a superhero inspired character, but he is one of the best at it. 

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