Vince McMahon Didn’t Want Lana Managing Rusev

Lana not managing Rusev just seems wrong.

When they were both in WWE, Lana basically managed Rusev their entire WWE run. There were times where Lana ventured off with the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Lashley, but for the most part, the now real life married couple were side by side on screen. But what if they never were? Lana sat down for a interview with Wrestling Inc where she revealed that Vince McMahon didn’t want Lana managing Rusev based off of his idea that if a hot woman was with a heel, the heel would get cheered.

But I feel like… No, I feel like if I’m able to… It’s just the right story, and I want to create something that becomes undeniably undeniable and has to be brought in even if people are hesitant. And I think with a lot of us, women of my generation and younger being in manager roles, we are literally changing the game as we go. Because 10 years ago, five years ago even, Triple H was giving women a lot of opportunities in this space of being a manager, but Vince was a little bit more traditional, and he almost didn’t want me to be paired with Miro because he’s like, ‘A hot girl can’t be with a heel guy, or he’ll get cheered’.

– CJ Perry (Lana) via WrestlingINC

Lana disagreed with his idea and had a different viewpoint.

And it’s like, ‘Well, why can’t you be hot and evil?’ This is… For what? I don’t understand. There’s a bunch of people like that in real life. Why can’t we do that?”

– CJ Perry (Lana) via WrestlingINC

What Lana says makes sense, seeing as we’ve seen females managing heels all the time in pro-wrestling. What a crazy Vince idea.

H/T RingsideNews

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