Exclusive: Colby Corino Talks About The NWA Style And Influences Within The Company

Colby Corino loves the NWA Style.

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the “NWA Style” after owner Billy Corgan made some interesting comments while talking about EmPowerrr. Now, current NWA star Colby Corino sat down with and spoke about the style that NWA brings and what drew him into the National Wrestling Alliance.

Alright, so, like on the outside looking in before I started in NWA, I was really drawn into it because of the tradition and the history and how much respect they pay to that. Having the same titles that all these legends won is something that, it’s an opportunity for me to add my name to the history books under those legends and stuff and that a lot of other companies don’t have those titles lineages or that history that goes along with it. But then, when I started working with the NWA, I really started to vibe with the locker room and I’ve realized how much I can absorb and learn from all the veterans around me that have been around wrestling for so long and it’s just a cornucopia of knowledge for me that I’ve just been feasting on for the past year and a half and I just feel like with every time I got to NWA, like, I am getting better after the whole weeks over and I just enjoy learning about wrestling and getting better, so, that’s really cool.

– Colby Corino via Bodyslam

Colby went on to speak about some of the names he’s been under the learning tree of.

Trevor Murdoch is a very motivating force for me, Luke Hawx is a real locker room leader there, he’s a guy that I kind of look at as a wrestler and a father, he’s a pretty good dude, you know? I have a lot of good feelings towards Luke Hawx. The Pope gives me a lot of good info, there’s so many, like, of course I got to mention Homicide, I feel like I’ve learned so much from Homicide, just like, fighting with him and working with him for the past couple years, he’s had such an influence on me. 

– Colby Corino via Bodyslam

Possibly, the influence may give Colby Corino a chance to get some gold around his waist this weekend when he battles Davey Richards for the MLW National Openweight Championship at NWA Hard Times 3, which you can catch on FITE TV at 8PM est. You can also see the rest of the interview with Colby below.

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