Penta & Fenix in AEW

The Lucha Bros. are one of the best tag teams of the world and one of the most over acts that AEW has to offer, and yet, both wrestlers are far from the singles scene; and let alone the world title scene and they should be there. Most fans of the AEW product will agree that both Penta and Fenix should be on that world title scene, and even have runs with the world title.

Most of the run of Penta and Fenix in AEW has been involved in the tag team, and most recently in the trios scene. Penta and Fenix have the talent to be on the main event, and especially the world title scene in AEW. There were times when AEW seemed like there were finally going to push them as singles stars, but quickly went back to the tag team scene. While the tag team scene is respected in AEW unlike most promotions in the U.S. but the world title scene is still the most important.

Penta and Fenix are two very charismatic and magnetic wrestlers, both for different reasons. Fenix is one of the best high-flyers in wrestling, and Penta is charisma itself, especially with the ZERO MIEDO chant. There’s no doubt that both brothers should be world champions in AEW, but there are reasons on why both are not on the world title scene so far in their run with AEW.

One of the main reasons some people give regarding this subject is the language barrier. Unfortunately, TV American wrestling relies too much in promos to tell stories. While this in a way is a valid excuse, Penta and Fenix have PAC and Alex Abrahantes to help on that department, so the excuse of the language barrier is debunked, and there’s the fact Penta and Fenix can cut good to great promos in Spanish; and fans love when both wrestlers talk in their native tongue.

Tony Khan needs to push them to that main event scene, AEW is leaving money on the table by not doing so. Lucha Bros. Pushing both to the main event scene would make AEW a lot of money and would also have two important pieces for the world title scene. The best example of all this is the booking of both in AAA, where they are treated as special and main eventers in their own right.

One of the things AEW needs to do more is exploring the idea of pushing towards the Latin American market, and the Lucha Bros. are the best way to do so. WWE for years have ignored this market, and the fact they’ve failed to find a sucesor to Rey Mysterio to this day. AEW with Penta and Fenix has the right wrestlers to push to this market and expand their fanbase, but some decisions on the market by AEW have been questionable. AEW still has time to do the right thing and push for this important market in wrestling.

There are no excuses, and AEW should push or should’ve pushed the Lucha Bros on the world title scene already. Fans of AEW want this from the promotion and it would be the right idea too, as we mentioned before because of their popularity or even because of a potential push to the Latin American market. One of the positives of AEW is that they listen to fans, and if the clamor for Penta and Fenix in the scene is loud enough, Tony Khan might actually book them to the world title scene.

Spanish speaking fans of AEW want this to happen and AEW still has time to do the right thing for such talented wrestlers, but time is ticking and if Tony Khan doesn’t pull the trigger, he’ll lose the opportunity of a lifetime of pushing two generational wrestlers like Penta and Fenix.