You Can Ogle MJF’s Fiancé If You Buy A Piece of Art

Photo Courtesy of Naomi Rosenblum Instagram

He just has such a way with words.

When MJF speaks, people listen. Whether it’s a wrestling promo, a press conference, a podcast, or his own proposal – people pay attention to what the man says.

We all know that. What you may not know is that the guy is actually sort of a romantic.

Take, for instance, MJF’s recent appearance on Barstool Sports’ ‘Rasslin’ show, in which ‘The Devil Himself’ spoke glowlingly about his beau.

“My beautiful, hot fiance [is] a smoking hot redhead, with g-g-g-gigantic jugs, a fat ass, abs…[she’s] an incredible artist; you can buy all of her stuff at naomirosenblum_art, I believe is her Instagram…,” MJF professed.

I mean, it’s not exactly Cyrano de Bergerac but f*ck that guy, anyway; MJF would make sure that he never showed his too-big-of-a-nose-face in public ever again.

The point is, it warms our hearts to hear Maxwell speak so lovingly about the woman with whom he’s about to share his life.

It was announced last week that MJF and Rosenblum were engaged to be married and though he told other women that “if they got past the goalie, they could still score,” it seems that the same cannot be said for other men trying to get with his gal.

When the host of ‘Rasslin,’ Brandon Walker, asked MJF if he could slide into the man’s fiancé’s DMs, MJF was surprisingly acquiescent and, unsurprisingly, extremely confident.

“Dude, go right ahead,” he told Walker. “You all can stare, as long as you buy a piece of art. Just know that you’ll never be able to touch, ’cause there’s only one ride for that girl to go on…and it’s the Maximum ride.”

It’s a tale as old as time, really. Boy meets girl. Boy & girl get engaged. Boy brags about girl’s fat ass while also promoting her art. This is truly a tale of Beauty and the Beast but, of course, if anybody else called Rosenblum ‘Beast,’ MJF would rip their lungs out.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We’re going to go buy some art.

Video of the full interview can be seen below:

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