The Downfall of CYN

Pro-wrestling is a niche product, and with the popularity of the sport going up and down these recent years. Control Your Narrative was the latest attempt, if you can call it that, for a competitor to the big promotions in the U.S. and the results were more the obvious.

CYN tried to appeal to the weird side of the wrestling fanbase, while also trying to appeal to WWE fans. CYN also wanted to go a more cinematic route with their content, but when your budget is not great and the wrestlers you have suck at acting, you have a recipe for disaster. CYN wanted to be the Fight Club of wrestling but forgot that Bloodsport is already that and without weird cinematic stuff.

CYN was doomed from the start, with their refusal to even talk to wrestling media outlets, to other weird things, the beginnings of CYN were rocky, and that’s never good for any up-and-coming promotion. CYN or I should say the wrestlers involved, had the brilliant idea of burying other promotions, from indies to even the big ones and that in hindsight was a questionable decision.

Wrestling nowadays has a lot of focus on in-ring action; the days of being a mediocre wrestler and making good money are gone, on less you work for WWE but that’s a different subject. CYN made the mistake of not booking for the most part good workers that could hold longer matches and create interest for people to watch their content.

Social media is an important aspect for any type of business nowadays, especially for wrestling. CYN use of social media was straight up terrible. Not using a powerful tool like social media to promote your content was a mistake that promotion paid big time for it. The lack of promotion for their events made no sense and was one of the many reasons people didn’t even know the promotion existed.

Ideas like the Rant Room were met with ridicule by wrestling fans when it was first introduced. CYN with ideas like the Rant Room establish themselves a running joke for fans, it also didn’t help when videos of the rant room were released and made the idea even more hilarious. The rant room was the idea of trying to own wrestling fans but instead it made CYN and everyone involved look dumb.

Losing wrestlers like Karrion Kross and Braun Strowman to WWE has one of the biggest blows to CYN. They were supposed to be the selling points of CYN, and weren’t even that big of draws for the promotion, but it left two big holes in the CYN roster. EC3 as the only star, if we can say that, only makes things darker for CYN.

The future of CYN has a lot of doubts around it, with the most likely scenario being them finally closing their door. It’s never good when a promotion closes their doors, but this could be one of those cases where it could be a positive. Only time will tell regarding the future of CYN.