News On Several WWE Name Changes

Name changes are now common within WWE.

We’ve seen a few name changes since Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan and Triple H have been in charge of WWE, mainly names being changed back to their original branding, such as the likes of Riddle being Matt Riddle again and Theory being changed back to Austin Theory. Now, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select has reached out about potential other name changes and the feeling of those who had their names changed back already, being that they were fine with the one name change.

Several WWE names have changed internally within WWE, and we’ve been asked to clarify some more. As seen, Matt Riddle and Austin Theory both got their full names back upon Triple H’s regime taking over. We actually had heard that both were fine with proceeding with just one name, but we’ve got updates on some others. As reported by Fightful Select recently, Tommaso Ciampa also regained his first name that he used both in NXT and on the indies. However, there are numerous that do not have the full names back to normal. Shotzi (Blackheart), Angel (Garza), and Humberto (Carrillo) are all listed by just one name within the company after having their last names removed on screen. However, there are plans for Shotzi to regain her tank, put in place last week. Scarlett is not listed with “Bordeaux,” which hasn’t been used in her WWE run. Though inconsistent, Bobby Lashley still has his full name listed internally, though he has often been listed simply as “Lashley” internally in previous years. Pete Dunne is still listed as Butch. Another “no change” is that of Seth Rollins, or Seth “Freakin”” Rollins, we should say. Thus far he’s still listed with the nickname on run sheets and documents.

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