Joe Rogan on when he’ll leave the UFC: ‘If Dana White is gone, I’m gone’

Joe Rogan has zero plans to leave the UFC, but did reveal what would make him step away from the commentary booth.

“I’m a professional fan,” Rogan said with a smile on a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” as he spoke to film producer Jon Peters.

That’s all well and good for Rogan. However, he then revealed what some might consider a surprising clause in his contract that could result in his departure from the company.

“If Dana (White) leaves, I’m gone,” Rogan said. “That’s in my contract.”

Rogan, 55, was a UFC commentator long before he was an international megastar podcaster and comedian.

He’s been with the promotion in varying capacities since he landed a backstage interview gig for UFC 12: Judgement Day in 1997, back before Dana White was president of the company. Twenty-five years later, he’s one of the company’s longest-tenured employees.

Over the years, his role and quantity of commitment have changed. He went from backstage reporter to commentator for every event to now a more limited capacity of solely domestic pay-per-view events.

His podcast that launched in 2009 has seen unparalleled success. It currently sits at No. 1 on the official Spotify charts, the platform Rogan signed an exclusive $100 million-plus deal with in 2020.

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