Member Of The Elite Threatened To Walkout Over CM Punk’s All Out Media Scrum Comments

It looks like a member of The Elite was so angry at CM Punk, he threatened to walk from the company.

CM Punk went on a scathing attack on The Elite, Hangman Page and Colt Cobana during the AEW All Out media scrum that has left the wrestling work talking. Now, we have a report including The Elite’s reaction to the scrum.

Fightful Select reports that one of The Elite threanted to walk over Punk’s comments.

Immediately after the scrum rant, talent had informed Fightful that Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks were extremely pissed off, and one claimed that they were threatening to walk over the comments. Fightful Select but had heard prior that at least one of the Young Bucks had been in contact with talent outside of AEW indicating that many of the rumors heard about Punk and the frustration around him were true. We’re told The Elite were scheduled for the scrum, but an adjustment was made. Around then, security went around he scrum area in a hurry. We haven’t learned if that was related to this situation, but all of this information filtered in at the same time. We’re obviously cognizant of a work in this type of situation, but talent that were contacted were under the impression the situation was that of a real one. One way or another, we’ll work to learn details and try to confirm. The heat between Punk and Cabana, as well as Punk towards Hangman Page have long been real. Regardless of the situation, Fightful Select has already heard of several talent that are very upset with his comments. We will also work to gain some stances from those who side with him on the matters. Tony Khan was at the AEW media scrum throughout the entirety of this situation.

Fightful Select Report

Time will tell how this situation will continue to develop.

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