Toni Storm Implies Thunder Rosa Is Not Really Injured In Post All Out Media Scrum

This continue to be dramatic in the AEW Women’s division as the champion Thunder Rosa continues to draw the ire of her colleagues.

There have been several reports in recent months regarding Thunder Rosa and how she has handled her injury. Many in the business seem to believe that Rosa is making a power play and did not want to drop her AEW Women’s world title at All Out, however there is no confirmation on these rumors.

When asked at the AEW All Out post-show media scrum about the Interim Title situation, Storm replied, implying Thunder may only be saying she is injured.

“It’s not ideal, but Thunder Rosa says she’s injured. Okay. When she says she’s not injured, she can come back and lose to me. That’ll be the end of that. Yeah, that’ll be that.”

“It’s kind of awkward because while this has been all going on, me and Thunder have formed kind of a friendship and we’ve formed quite a nice team, but I guess I want her to know that I’m not just going to sit in her corner and cheer for her and be her little friend. I came here to win championships. I didn’t come here to make friends. I’ll be cool and civil, but when she comes back, I’m going to whoop her ass,”

Toni Storm during AEW All Out Post Show Media Scrum

Time will tell what this will mean for the AEW Women’s world title situation.

H/T to Fightful for transcription

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