Wrestling Pioneer Signed To Join Catalyst Wrestling At State Of Mind

With three weeks remaining until Catalyst Wrestling’s return to Brooklyn and Chilos’ Greenwood, Catalyst Wrestling Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Matt Ryan joined Andrew Zarian on the Sunday edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

Ryan announced during the program airing across Sports Byline’s syndicated network and on the Wrestling Observer YouTube and Twitch channels, that the company will announce a wrestling pioneer with experience in both Ring Of Honor and WWE among others in their extraordinary career in the sport joining their ranks at their September 18th television taping in Brooklyn at Chilos’ Greenwood.

The who is not certain, as Ryan made no mention to the person being brought in nor what their role in or out of the ring would be, but all signs indicate someone who has had an incredible career inside the ring.

This debut joins a card that features…

Catalyst Wrestling Championship Match: Darius Carter (C) vs. Anthony Greene

Catalyst Wrestling Freestyle Title: “The Savage” Gentleman” Victor Benjamin w/ Real Deal (C) vs. Ghost Shadow

Sapphire TV Title: O’Shay Edwards (C) vs. Akira

Vanilla Vargas vs. Janai Kai vs. JC Storm vs. Valentina Vazquez

The CHILOSNETICO: Colby Corino, Infinite T.I.M, Wrecking Ball Legursky & Eric Martin (The Business) vs. Jack Evans, Rob Killjoy & The Rep w/ Julius Smokes (The Transformer Squad)

Kidd Bandit, Anthony Gangone & HC Loc vs. The Hudson County Horror Show w/ Zac Amico

Ray Jaz vs. Carter Mason

Tri State Saints vs. Peter Avalon & The Mane Event

Tickets for this special 4pm bell time on Sunday September 18th are available at