Omega: The Savior That Never Was

WWE fans have had a love-hate relationship regarding Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks to an extent. There are several reasons to why WWE fans will hate Omega forever, unless he joins WWE and their opinion changes on an instant like they did with Cody Rhodes.

Kenny Omega for a few years was seen like the savior of the WWE product, with the idea that his arrival to WWE with The Bucks would improve the product and start a new golden era for WWE, but obviously this didn’t happen and never will at this point. Several factors led to Omega not coming to WWE, from him wanting creative freedom to the formation of AEW.

Omega also made the “mistake” of rejecting WWE several times. WWE fans and stans wanting him to debut on the Royal Rumble every year added excitement to the product, but he obviously didn’t do that. WWE fans soured over Omega not coming and instead deciding to join AEW. Despite their hatred of Omega, WWE fans and stans deep inside still want him and the Bucks to one day join WWE. Will that happen is a question easy to answer, not very likely.

The hype about Omega joining WWE was a thing he couldn’t control from the start. Legends like Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin talked about him a lot and how he could do really well in WWE. Having two massive WWE legends praise him to the heavens and stating he would do very well in WWE added to the hype of Omega joining WWE. Another factor about the hype was Dave Meltzer, indirectly- Meltzer praised Omega as one of the best wrestlers in the world, and he is right, that added to the hype and WWE fans have the mentality that all the best wrestlers in the world are destined to work in WWE but that didn’t end up happening.

WWE fans having the mentality of the best wrestlers in the world are destined to wrestle in WWE, is a mentality very similar to what we see in real sports. This mentality is very odd to have with WWE because it’s not a team. This type mentality makes WWE fans only watch and enjoy WWE’s product. Supporting any promotion as a team is never a good idea, this mentality also helped WWE with their revisionist history of wrestling and convincing people they are on the right side of history.

Back to Omega. Him rejecting WWE SEVERAL times really soured WWE fans on him, but this was always going be the case. Their perception of Omega as the savior of WWE would’ve been a heavy burden to Omega, and if things didn’t change, they wouldn’t considering Vince McMahon would’ve still been the booker, WWE fans would’ve been disappointed on a matter of time. It’s also important to remember Vince wouldn’t have an idea who he is and what to actually do with him. Omega going to NXT was never going happen either, the man would’ve too big of a commodity to have him on their Orlando warehouse they call the PC to have him wrestle rookies until his eventual main event program.

WWE fans don’t seem to understand the concept that Omega can be considered the best wrestler in the world and an all-time great despite never setting a foot in WWE. WWE fans hate the idea that of someone being called an all-time great outside of WWE, they think to be a legend of the sport you need to wrestle in WWE, but that is obviously not true. If we used that logic on other sports, Michael Jordan could never be considered the GOAT of Basketball because he never played on The Lakers or Celtics, the two most successful NBA franchises.

Another factor to consider is the fact that Omega’s wrestling style would never fit with WWE’s in-house style. Omega likes to have an input regarding his matches and their long term effects to them, in a way, Omega is a practitioner of King’s Road booking in his matches and feuds. He’s always thinking long term, and as we know, Vince McMahon doesn’t really book long term anymore, except for maybe Roman Reigns and few other wrestlers.

WWE fans at the end of the day set themselves up the idea of Omega coming to WWE and improving things, when it was obvious that would never happen. Stans and fans of the WWE product will hate him for multiple reasons but deep inside they still want him to have a run in WWE and even be world champion there.