The Curious Case of Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross has returned to WWE and according to several reports he is listed as the second biggest heel in WWE. The return of Kross opens the possibility for released wrestlers to return to WWE. Another interesting thing about Kross’ return to WWE and to a prominent spot is how a lot of promotions have tried to make Kross a star but failed for multiple reasons.

Kross is a wrestler in the wrong era, today’s era of wrestling puts emphasis into in-ring work, and to be honest, Kross is pretty boring inside the ring. In today’s wrestling you need to be really good in the ring if you want to be a star, and unfortunately for Kross he is not really good in the ring.

Another point against Kross is his promo ability, he feels awkward every time he has to use the mic to cut a promo. If you want to be a star in WWE, you need to be a good promo, but maybe this will change with Triple H in charge but WWE fans have been conditioned into thinking that promo ability is more important than even in-ring ability.

WWE is not the only promotion that has tried to make Kross into a star and failed, AAA, IMPACT, Lucha Underground, MLW and more have tried and failed. One thing Kross has in his favor is the look but he doesn’t have the in-ring ability as mentioned before, but more importantly the it factor all stars have. NXT is probably the promotion that tried the most into making him a star with the over-the-top entrances, gimmick and Scarlett Bordeaux as his manager. Once Vince took all that way, Karrion looked lost and like another guy in the roster. Kross is a guy that needs a lot of smokes and mirrors but that is not enough.

The worst thing to ever happen to Kross was the infamous Adam Cole promo. That promo from Cole was 100% right about Kross and he just there standing and looking like a geek. That promo exposed all the weaknesses of Kross and to this day people think of that promo when you mention Kross.

Kross’ post-WWE run was also the best thing for him. He had the opportunity to prove all wrong and finally become a star. He pretty much didn’t do anything and associating himself with the Control Your Narrative guys was big mistake. The only notable thing that happened to Kross was when Minoru Suzuki called Kross a Young Boy, we didn’t hear from Kross again after that.

Kross has some hypnotic ability on booker and promoters, well except with Vince, that think of him of someone with star potential. Will people finally realize Kross doesn’t have what it takes to be star on this era is a question that only time will tell.