Kevin Owens Destroys Ezekiel with Devastating Powerbomb on Apron

It was not the best result tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw for the brother of Elias.

A scheduled match between Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel did not happen as Owens ambushed Ezekiel after the bell rang and after destroying them all over ringside, Owens would deliver an apron powerbomb to force the referee to call off the match.
Following the beating, Ezekiel would be taken away by a stretcher and medical. It looks like we could be getting shades of the Kevin Owens we all grew to love with his destructive mindset towards opponents in and out of the ring.

Owens did tweet following the beating where he said what happened tonight and asked what everyone else did to spend their Monday night.

It will be exciting to see what happens next involving what Owens does next and to who.

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