TNT Extreme Wrestling Project X – Recap and Review

This past Thursday the 21st of July, TNT Extreme Wrestling shone a light on the British wrestling Cruiserweight scene, with their Project X show featuring the stars of the high flying and exciting Ultra X Division with a Cruiserweight Tournament and Ultra X Championship match.

The show featured a Cruiserweight tournament to crown a new No. 1 Contender for the Ultra X Championship, 8 competitors 4 qualifiers for a chance to compete in the Project X/ Ultimate X Final,


VIP Dark Match

Leyton Buzzard Defeated LJ Cleary

Project X Qualifying Match

Nico Angelo Defeated Kid Lykos II

Project X Qualifying Match

Man Like Dereiss Defeated Danny Black

Project X Qualifying Match

Leon Slater Defeated Callum Newman

Project X Qualifying Match

Just Joe Lando Defeated Maverick Mayhew

Gene Munny Defeated Scott Garland

Ultra X Championship Match

Mark Haskins Defeated Robbie X & Scotty Rawk

Ultra X Championship Match

Tom Thelwell Defeated Mark Haskins

Project X Final Match

Nico Angelo Defeated Leon Slater, Man Like Dereiss & Just Joe Lando.


A fantastic show from the VIP Dark match to the Project X Finale, with the show doing exactly what it set out to do in highlighting the incredible Jr Heavyweight/Cruiserweight competitors in the UK.

There was plenty of exciting action with lots flips and dives, yet no flip or dive was the same with the competitors doing their best to keep each match original, ensuring that we only saw one suicide dive, one corner moonsault, one satellite DTT and so on.

Narrowing it down to best match of the night was extremely difficult, it was tough to pick between Leon Slater vs Callum Newman or Just Joe Lando vs Maverick Mayhew but I have to give the nod to Lando and Mayhew.

As for a show MVP that has to go to Nico Angelo who fought through Injury to go on and win the Project X tournament and become the new No. 1 contender for the Ultra X Championship. Nico over rotated on a dive clipping is heel on the mat early on in his match with Kid Lykos II, with the match nearly being brought to a stop, however Nico would fight on and win Project X basically on one leg, whist still hitting some incredible dives.

Speaking of which the highest dive has to go Nico Angelo for coming off the top of the Project X structure and hitting a dive, the sickest flip has to go to Just Joe Lando, who hit what I am reliably told was an Avalanche Imploding Dragonrana.

Scott 2 Hotty and Gene Munny brought something completely different to the show lots of entertainment, lots of chanting and following the match lots of dancing, the match provided a nice break from the all action Ultra X matches.

The triple threat match for the Ultra X title featured 3 different generations of Jr Heavyweight/Cruiserweight competitors. Each one bringing something different to their match, whether it was Haskins’ submissions, Rawk’s strikes and Robbie X’s speed, all combined for a spectacular championship match. Tom Thelwell cashing in the Level Up briefcase on Haskins was complete surprise and was huge moment for Thelwell who got a huge pop when he was able to pin Haskins to capture the Ultra X Championship.

TNT Extreme Wrestling, return to action on the 31st of July for TNT Ignition: All Eyes On Me at the Fusion Night Club in Liverpool, TNT Extreme’s Women’s Champion Alexxis Falcon will be in action as will TNT Ignition Champion Kam Solas.

Written by Andy More of the Tea & Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast